Part 14: Sailing Santorini and other shenanigans.

Santorini really has been a dream come true. If you have not made it to this very special spiritual and highly energetic place, I highly recommend you push it to the top of your travel priority list. I have had a fabulous time admiring its scenic cliffs, sapphire blue waters and so much more. As you will soon read…

Donning my tourist cap, I decided to do a day trip, which really is the best way to make the most of your time in a new place. I booked to go on a boat trip, visit a Volcano, swim in a hot spring and see the sunset at Oia, together with a million other sunset crazed people. Sounded like a good day out to me, and boy was it ever!

I was collected on time, surprisingly, as Greek time is nothing like German time; not that I am German, but wow do I admire their efficiency! I scored the front seat next to the driver, to me the best seat in the house. I greeted my mini bus load of passengers with a cheery warm Aussie hello; keen to accelerate my verbal word count for the day, one of the pitfalls of solo travelling. And of course get to know some new people, which is always a bonus.

We cascaded down the dog legged road to the port, the views thrilling. I wish I could have stopped 8 times to capture it. Santorini is perched way up high on a massive rocky cliff, how the hell they even built the place is beyond me!

Soon we were all aboard our pirate ship and ready to hike a volcano, for my very first time. I lived in Guatemala years ago and had the chance to climb one then, however hiking up an active volcano with visuals of hot molten lava, and burning shoe soles hadn’t really appealed to me. I was hoping it was nothing like that! Wanting to be more adventurous I thought it would be completely fine, and it was. In fact it was mildly disappointing. It was more like a big black rocky hill. If it wasn’t for a few good views I would have wondered what the point of the whole exercise was. Besides the obvious 2.50 Euro per person to walk up a hot dusty rocky dormant volcano; those ouzo sipping Greeks must laugh at us silly tourists.

The next stop was a splash in a hot springs. Funny they call it that because it was pretty cold to me. Still, the opportunity to fling myself with glee and cheap thrills into cool refreshing waters, is something I rarely refuse. As I bombied into the mediterranean sea, I swam vigorously with all the other crazed tourists to the “hot springs”. Not hot, or even springy, more like shallow rocks, turned a weird shade of coppery red. Still, I was having fun!

Our next stop was for lunch, and together with some new English friends I made, we dined at a lovely little restaurant by the sea, complete with at least 6 stray mangey anorexic flea ridden cats. We shared plates of souvlaki, fresh grilled giant prawns, tasty greek salad and some weird tomato ball fritter type things which I liked in a weird way. And those cats got nothing!!! (Evil laugh, sorry pussy cats, I can’t encourage your crazy stray behaviour).

After lunch, I took a dip in more crystal clear water, tentatively climbing over small rounded slippery stones trying to get in, trust me it was no Cable Beach [1] people. After jamming in some fresh chocolate mint gelato, on top of my already satisfied lunch filled belly, my time in this small piece of paradise was complete.

Our next stop on this epic full sun, salt and wind adventure, was our final one; Oia. Here we planned a number of hours to walk, explore and hold your breath and elbow your way in for a glimpse of a very average sunset. I am spoilt rotten by amazing sunsets, living only 5 minutes from the beach, I see the sun setting in the ocean every eve if I want, yawn.

A hazy horizon and the usual packed crowds continued to feel uninviting for sunset viewing, but hey don’t let me put your off! Push your way through hundreds of people, go right ahead! I instead wandered somewhat deliriously through various shops, buying some postcards and evil trinkets, hear them laughing wickedly? I love evil eye trinkets. Ward off those evil spirits damn you! What a great concept. And being obsessed with blue, it’s like the perfect combination.

My day was nearly at the end, and wow was I tired. I literally wanted to vomit on the bus ride home I was that tired. Exhausted from all those awesome activities, hiking up never ending steep stairs to get to Oia in the full sun, swimming in the sea (ok, not that tiring, but the salt drains all your energy, like saps that shit right out of you), and being wind blasted on the wild seas of the mediterranean. I know you have very little sympathy, my day was awesome and I was happily exhausted, although nauseous and wanted to hurl in that highly confined airless mini bus.

After showering in the smallest shower cubicle on the planet, I was ready for bed. With fresh sheets, moisturised face and soapy smells all around me I slept like a well behaved baby. My time in Santorini was coming to an end. I was very reluctant to leave, I really could have stayed on this amazing island for another 2 weeks and still not been satisfied, that’s truly how awesome it is. I will be back, hopefully with my new hot husband…wherever the hell he is. Once I find him, I will lock that hotness down, and haul him to one of the most blissful places on the planet. And we can rent a 4 wheel scooter, me snugged on the back of him, his broad shouldered tanned back, and I will wear a bikini and be dangerous but look hot with long hair blowing in the wind. Really I have the vision; I just need the patience! And the hot husband…Damn it!

Next stop is Naxos. I am actually writing from there/here; and so far so good. I will be sure to get up to mischief and report back as much juice as I can, well, if only I could say all the naughty bits! Lucky I found a new Latvian sister Violetta who is privy to all that TMI [2].

Hope you have enjoyed my last instalment. Sadly my epic trip is now coming to an end… I have only one more week overseas! Argh! It has all gone so fast. The only commiseration viable is to plan another trip! TICK!

Take care people, thanks for your support, I love that you read my words and find enjoyment from them. I hope it inspires you to travel more!

Love Anita xxx

  1. Cable Beach is an incredible white sandy beach that stretches for miles, give or take tides. Well worth a visit if you find yourself touring the west coast of Western Australia. I know such a convenient world location!
  2. I am well known for revealing Too Much Information. I honestly have to hold myself back sometimes on my blog…believe it or not. I know it’s very hard to believe. I am an open book; a very fugging {3} funny one at that.
  3. Can you reference inside a reference point? (Jackie Fitzpatrick!!?? Help me out here!) I just finished reading this awesome book called “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green; and he uses this word fugging instead of the obvious…and I like it. I like your fugging word use, and I like your book Johno!

2 thoughts on “Part 14: Sailing Santorini and other shenanigans.

  1. This was such an entertaining read. Not to mention the beautiful photos! I just know you’ll make your last week an absolute blast! Enjoy 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much! It is an easy place to write about. I love writing so much too and so great to be in new places to inspire more words! And photos! 😉 I will keep them coming! X

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