Part 6: North of Skye to Edinburgh.

Contrasting sceneries from the North of the Isle of Skye south to Edinburgh were absolutely incredible. We were blessed with a perfect blue sky day, and breathtaking views of water and mountains, it really could not get any better! Please read my part 5 blog for more info on that one!

I was having a blast exploring Scotland. I love being out in the outdoors, walking through forests and enjoying as much of the natural environment as possible. Here in Scotland I really had plenty of opportunity for this and more.

Right now we are in another awesome Airbnb in a little quaint place called Tain, just outside of Inverness. We are having a fab time so far, and enjoying a very comfortable clean and tidy stay in a family home. It is nice to meet some locals and have insider tips on places to go and things to do.

Today was rainy so we decided to drive through Inverness, which was pretty but sadly dreary in the rain. We thought to push on an extra 30 minutes and take a brief walk at Lochness, where the famous monster may reside. I had been to this beautiful and notorious place in the past, but my memory failed me; it looked completely different this time around! We  jumped out despite the rain and took a quick stroll along a path hugging the lake, it was amazing even in the rain. I could imagine in sunshine it would be incredible. Here are some pictures for you!

Even in wet weather it was a beautiful place. I was surprised to learn that the lake is as deep as it is wide, now that is hard to fathom right?

After our outdoors adventure we went for a movie in the centre of Inverness, checking out the latest Melissa McCarthy film “The Boss”. It was pretty funny and provided some nice light entertainment for the afternoon. We then went to the local mall for a shop around and some coffee at Costa, then it was time to head home again; another full day ticked off on our road trip around Scotland. It really is tiring being a tourist!

After Tain we headed for Edinburgh. This was our final city on our circumnavigation tour of Scotland. I was looking forward to catching up with one of my friends and checking out our first city on our tour.

On the way south we made a stop at Loch Leven. Here we took a little walk around the pretty lake, however the weather was crappy so we made it shorter than I would have liked. As we sat in the cafe, I saw a great photo of an ancient bridge hung on the wall. I got chatting to the people sitting next to us (surprise surprise) and they informed us we weren’t too far away from there and it was well worth visiting. So off we set!

Hermitage Bridge was awesome. We walked through impressive green lush forest and walked right along a rumbling, flowing river. I was in heaven! We walked right up to the bridge and took some photos, happy as a pig in shit.

After a few more coffee stops we were soon in Edinburgh. The plan for the night was to meet my friend in the city, have dinner and drinks and catch up. Well that all went to plan! We had a fab time and bar hopped our way around the city. I had a dance with one guy (the only one sadly!) as he was on his bucks night. We were watching him on the dance floor for awhile and to our surprise, and his mates, he threw himself quite suddenly into the splits, in the middle of the dance floor! It was very impressive! I high fived him and gave him a cheer and of course, I then had a dance with him!

We rose early the next day and headed straight for the first stop the Botanical Gardens. I have turned into a garden visiting type traveller and I have really enjoyed seeing all the different types over here. We strolled around the perimeter admiring the flowers and greenery.
I am always trying for a classic bee shot! 
Hearing the sounds of the Scottish bagpipes as we strolled around the cobblestone streets of the old town was mystifying. Surrounded by gothic old buildings and throngs of tourists, I felt happy and pleased to be able to explore Edinburgh for the day. My good friend Lauren who I met in a hostel in Darwin a number of years ago, came to meet us to help explore and spend some quality time together. It was fantastic to see her again and have a local show us around.
The views were spectacular and we were very lucky the sun was shining just at this time.
We made our way through the Princes gardens, with amazing views of the castle perched high above. We crossed over to the old town and found our way around the picturesque streets, screaming with history, stories, both grim and romantic. Even though it was not quite peak season, we found ourselves among many other tourists, as is the case in beautiful cities such as Edinburgh.
Tartan, whiskey and shortbread seem to be the main tourist buys, most stores were flooded with these items. I fell in love with the varied patterned tartans and remembered my days as a teenager loving my red tartan skirts. Could I revive this look? Possibly!
We took a walk up to the castle but only went for a look at the surrounds, passing through the set up for the military tattoo which was weeks away. What a pity I was not there to see this wonderful annual show!
We then made our way over to Arthurs seat, a hilly inner city nature sanctuary with impressive views of the city. We challenged ourselves to the quick steep climb, as opposed to the ‘long slow 3 hour trudge’. Once making it past the steepest part at the beginning it became a very enjoyable walk in bright warm sun with amazing views all over the city. It is well worth climbing up once you get past the cardiac arrest part…on a wet day it would not be advised as the rocks and mud look slippery. The weather was perfect for us at this moment so we were lucky.
We made it up to Arthurs seat and enjoyed amazing views.
Time in Edinburgh flew by at a speedy rate. Before I knew it we were heading out of town in the car back to Manchester again, sadly our epic road trip of Scotland had come to an end. But the good news is, I still have 4 weeks of travel remaining! Latvia, Finland and the Greek Islands are all coming up!
Hope you are enjoying reading my blog and seeing my photos. Come along and say hello I always love to hear from my readers. Please offer any tips or suggestions you may have for my up and coming trips!
Anita xx



2 thoughts on “Part 6: North of Skye to Edinburgh.

  1. You’ve been visiting my old stomping grounds. I was born and raised just a short distance from Loch Leven. I actually took my kids there last summer for a visit when we were staying with my parents (here’s the link to the relevant post: and it was fun to be back there. I have always had family living in Edinburgh (including opposite the Botanics) but I also lived there for five years and it is where I met and married my husband. We actually lived in a tenement in the lea of Arthur’s Seat so I often used to trek up there with a book to read in some peace and quiet. It sounds like you have really enjoyed experiencing Scotland and I am so glad.

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