Part 5: Scotland road tripping Kames to Uig.

Not long after waking on the first morning in Kames, I was ready to head outside for my first walk of the day. I was craving fresh air, the big bright outdoors, and the chance to take some photos, and of course get some much needed exercise. There has been lots of relaxing going on here on this holiday, and let’s be honest, there needs to be some physical activity in there too!

I eagerly set out along the water and found a crisp fresh and slightly windy morning, perfect to blow away the pesky midgies. I took some cool photos as I marched along, with a spring in my step.

The poppies were amazing!

Kames was a huge contrast to Isle of Skye. Both equally beautiful in their own rights, but such varied landscapes and flora. I was in my element as we drove, well not immediately but eventually…

It was my day to drive, and fortunately my friends car is exactly the same as mine, except it is a manual. I used to drive a manual all the time, but you know it always takes a little bit to get familiar with a new clutch, at least 3 stalls worth right?? I navigated around one car streets, narrow shoulder less roads, in the wet, mud and potholes lurking close to the edge, and then there were all the other crazy drivers. We seriously nearly saw some one die right before our eyes. A car went to overtake us, which was fine, and then went to go around the dodgey caravan in front of us. The problem being the caravan was hogging more than his lane, and then swerved out then in again as the little blue car zoomed past him at break neck speed. It was horrifying. If the car had been any bigger it would have been side swiped off the road, and then I would hate to imagine what could have happened to us too!? Anyhow, crisis averted, we survived, only just. The joys of country driving!

As the rain pelted side ways, and the sky looked dreary, we finally arrived to our new place for the night, Uig. We were pleasantly surprised to find a brand new hostel on the peak of a hill, with epic views. It was the cheapest and best hostel I have every stayed in! So that was good. And to make the night even better, we strolled down to the local pub for a drink and a meal, and had the best meal ever! I was craving vegetables, a rarity once you are travelling, and feasted on tender chicken, mash potatoes and a delicious array of vegetables. I topped it off with a lemon creme brûlée, with the crunchy top of course! It was amazeballs. We strolled home in the misty rain with break taking views, and I felt happy to be alive. Life was good. Life is good.

We rose early, packed up and set off first to explore the local town ship. We drove to the highest point, passing goats and lambs before we found the perfect spot to take some pictures.

An amazing view to start the day. So peaceful and quiet too. 

Our aim for the day was to drive to the Fairy pools. Social media had flashed many amazing pictures of this place at me for awhile now so it had been added to my list of must see places to visit. We arrived early and made our way along the rocky path. To be fair the pools were pretty low key, pretty, but not incredible. Call me spoilt but as it goes, sometimes the pictures are better! However, I did enjoy the walk down to them through massive green rolling hills, baying sheep and baby lambs. The sky was bright blue, with fluffy white marshmallow clouds, the weather could not be any better for us. So that was a treat.


Pretty blue fairy pools, for fairies. 

As we made our way to the little baby pools of joy, I saw a few people bathing. It was still pretty cold for that idea, but I thought I might offer some encouragement to other people. I saw a man standing in only his undies, white mind you, with a very decent bulge, like an underwear model, except there were no props. It was all real. For real. With no impulse control I yell out “take it all off!” Thinking I was completely hilarious, he sadly with very little sense of humour, said nothing and instead gave me a look of complete shock. What? Go beyond my white see through massive man bulging undies to swim in the cold water? How ridonculous! (That is a real word I just made it up) His wife looked none too impressed, sharing an equally un-bemused death stare. Jeez!!! These people have no sense of humour! Fortunately I found it all very amusing, I have a very unique twisted view of the world at times…clearly.

So after the free willy incident I came across some other happy fat Russians enjoying the fairy pools too. They were loving it! They did have their trunks on… I did check, and I held myself back from yelling out to strip this time, you will be most pleased.

This was the other side of the water fall view. Just as pretty I think! This was at a place called Rogie Falls. 

Driving back south we stopped many times for scenic views, lunch, snacks, fresh air and waterfalls. We love waterfalls. I patted all the dogs as I love dogs, and took more photos. Before you knew it we had finished driving for another day and landed in our next over night place called Tain.

The plan so far as kindly suggested by our new AirBnb host, is to go on a reindeer tour (YES!!), go on a funicular railway tour that rises up 3500 feet (sweet!) and maybe go zip lining! Which all sounds fabulous to me. Hopefully my friend agrees!

This fabulous yellow tree is everywhere. I love it. 

So let us see what the next few days brings. I hope you like my photos so far and have been enjoying my trip vicariously through me! Drop me a line and say hi I always love to hear from my readers.

Yours in travel joy,

Anita xx

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