A Natural Cure

A beautiful butterfly.


Natural rejuvenation,

Stress release,

Take a deep breath.


Tall green trees,

Large majestic mountains,

I feel at one with my surroundings.


Contrasting environments,

Buildings and nature,

We spend too much time inside, safe.


The joy is outside,

Fresh air and clear skies,

Creating a new invigorating perspective.


So many possibilities,

Cycling, walking, swimming, kayaking,

Outdoor pursuits are endless and fun.


To feel more connected,

We need to switch off,

We need to tune out daily impetuous demands.


Take a break in nature,

Pack a swag, tent or camper van,

Enjoy peaceful quiet, listen to your inner voice.


Reconnect with your soul,

Hear her cries for sanity,

Hear her pleas for a more serene lifestyle.


Nature, my friend,

Nature, a natural healthy healer,

Nature you are my cure.


Thanks for reading my poem on nature. When are you planning your next trip into the wild? Take time out with your loved ones for a trip into nature…you will not regret it!

Love Anita xx


2 thoughts on “A Natural Cure

  1. Anita this is a perfect reminder to people. Nature can have the cure in every moment you are in its presence. This is a beautiful piece 🙂

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