Dream Love.

The amazing night time sky, I love nature and want to be a better night time photographer. Photo credit: http://imgbuddy.com/nighttime-sky-photography.asp
The amazing night time sky, I love nature and want to be a better night time photographer. Photo credit:

For as long as I can remember I have always been an excellent dreamer. Vivid landscapes, colourful images and clear and very real interactions with people I know and others strangers. I remember dreams from many years ago, from when I was a small child. Magical adventures, often realistically impossible, became very possible in my very vivid imagination. Flying high above a city skyline, swimming under water with friendly marine life in enlightening sunlight streams; and travelling across country in a hot air balloon. I remember looking forward to going to bed at night, awaiting the magical dreams and adventures I could have in my mind from the comfort of my bed. I would go jump into my Dads bed early the next morning and we would excitedly talk about our dreams from the night. I loved this routine, and I think talking about my dream each morning helped with my recall ability.

As an adult I have also become a very good regular dreamer. I noticed recently though, that the frequency of my dreams and recall ability was terrible. I was stressed and feeling manic before my travels, drinking too much coffee, and generally feeling very frenetic in my mind. I could not switch off. Nor could I engage in my dreamscape as I wished.

Last night I had the most magical dream. I came upon a beach, and could see a magical night time sky. The stars were very clear and bright, I could see amazing colours, illuminate blues and greens, and I was in complete awe. I felt the strong urge to photograph my scene. Even in my dreams I am thinking about photography!

The second part to my dream I was at another beach, and I witnessed an impressive sunset. The sky was red and yellow and calming and magical. As the sea foam washed up onto the beach I had my camera ready to snap. At least I was ready that time!

Dreaming is a really important part of life. I have noticed that since I have been travelling, my mind is starting to relax, and my brain is opening up to the wonders of imaginative dreamscape once again.

When we are stressed and rushing around and feeling crazy in our minds, our brains simply can not switch off. Dream recall is limited, even non existent in this state of stress. It is vitally important that we learn to switch our minds off, calm down frenzied thoughts, and create a sense of calm before we go to bed.

Dreams are so powerful and insightful for our waking lives. I love dreaming at night and as I slowly regain consciousness into my new day, I lie still and recall as many of my night time adventures as I can. I can usually recall at least 2 to 3 dreams each night. And I must say I am disappointed if nothing springs to mind after a restful sleep.

I wish you well in your night time endeavours and dream recall. I would love to hear about your best dream adventure if you would like to share it with me in my comment section below.

Thanks, Anita xx

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