The Colourful Canadian City of Calgary.

Squirrels are pests here in Canada, but I think they are very cute, evasive to photograph!

Arriving into warm sunny Calgary felt great. I had a great travel companion on the plane, a computer security expert, who was very intelligent and shared many cool stories with me. I love these random encounters with strangers, and often we can learn so much. One very apt quote he told me was:

“Travel is lethal to racism, ignorance and small minded thinking” ~ Bruce, computer guy.

So true it is. The more I travel, the more I marvel at the similarities of all humans. We are essentially all striving to achieve similar purposes.

My lovely friend Theresa was there to meet me at the airport gate, I had not seen her for a few years, since the last time I had made it to Calgary. We met years ago in Cuba and she ignited my interest in Salsa many years ago. It was great to see her and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Over the next few days we enjoyed some quality time together, and also some productive quiet time. She had recently opened a new dance studio and running a new business was all consuming for her. Fortunately for me I was able to participate in a number of dance classes including Ballet Barre, Regaetton fusion, and Salsa intermediate. I loved all three classes and dancing to the rhythmic beats and moving my body stylishly on on the dance floor once again was so good for my body, mind and soul. I have always loved dancing and taking these classes has reignited my passion for dance again. I used to be a dance teacher many moons ago, so it was great for me to carve it up on the sprung timber dance studio floor once again.

The girls from the class, we had a lot of fun!

I took a few walks along a path high above the city, and was pleasantly surprised by the greenery and clever design of the city. I liked the way a river divides the city and the suburbs, and the way you could walk along a high level path and view the city from such a vantage point. They also had a great staircase that I trudged down and up for extra cardio, it reminded me of the one we have in Kings Park in Perth. It seems there are equally mental people living here as there were lots of crazy exercise obsessed people climbing up and down the stairs for fitness.

One thing I have learnt about Canada, some of you will be pleased to know, their laws on the use of marijuana are way more relaxed then we are in Australia. Medicinal use of marijuana is allowed, and with a Medical certificate you can buy pot from designated places. So strange. Many times I have been caught off guard, and can smell the wafting pungent scent of cannabis as I am wandering around Canadian cities. It seems also that they have decriminalised the use of the drug, and can only be fined for use and not jailed for possession.

‘Canada’s cannabis laws to be of no force and/or effect if a prescription is obtained.’ ~ Wiki Canada

So there you go, come to Canada smoke Cannabis freely so it seems.

Another strange thing I have noticed is people can carry their pets onto planes. If you have a small dog and a carrier, you can take your animal be it a cat or a dog, and bring it onto the plane with you, how bizarre! But great really as most people can’t bare to be away from their loved animals, so it is a win win for the animal and their owners. Too bad for any passesengers who don’t like animals!

Theresa was very good at preparing healthy meals. I love other healthy eaters and it is great to learn from others and be inspired by their diet. One day she made me this awesome meal, a salad with brown rice and lentil base, corn, tuna, and greens, with a sprinkling of chia seeds. I was so impressed by this salad that I took a photo! My food blogger friends would be proud.

The healthy salad that tasted so good!

I went for a few jogs and walks over my time and was so impressed to see how green the city was, and to see the beautiful spring flowers popping up. I love to photograph flowers, I love their colour, beauty and freshness.

Buds symbolising new beginnings and transformation.

It was wonderful to visit my friend in Calgary, even though she was quite stressed, she was so hospitable and kind and welcoming to me. I hope her dance business takes off and she can enjoy the fruits of her hard work. Please go to: you can find out more about her classes and events if you live in the local area of Calgary.

My next stop will be the Rocky Mountains! I am really looking forward to the mountains and scenic views and getting back into the depth of nature again.

Love Anita xx

4 thoughts on “The Colourful Canadian City of Calgary.

  1. Thanks very much! I had a great time in Calgary and the mountains, I loved Jasper and Lake Maligne. I have more posts coming on these places… trying to spread them out so they all don’t come as once. I hope you get the chance to read them too 🙂 Stay tuned 🙂


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