Vancouver Part 4: Stanley Park Bike Ride & Aquarium Awesomeness.

Looking out from the Seawall to the Lion Gates Bridge.

My last full day in Vancouver turned out perfectly. The sun was shining, we had a brilliant blue sky and had breath taking clear views of the mountains in the north horizon. My shorts were on, and the sun was out and I was ready for another adventurous day, today's plan: Bike ride through Stanley park and check out the Vancouver Aquarium.

Beautiful lilly pads I captured on my cycle towards the park.

I set off mid morning to Canada Place to rent a bike, then took off giddily along the Seawall. The views were spectacular, so many boats line the harbour shores, and bright coloured flowers and green trees making for delightful pictures.

Looking up into the forest canopy was amazing and uplifting.

I rode my deadly tredly right along the edge of Stanley park, which turned out to be full of lush forest pathways. I cycled right along to English Bay, and here I found a quaint beach and Harbourside village where I decided to stop for lunch. I ducked into town and bought some freshly made and very delicious sushi; as well as some fresh fruit and a mango juice. I sat on the bright green soft carpet like grass to admire the view, pleased to be having some time out from my previous impulsive phone checking behaviour

A wonderful thing about travelling is breaking routines. Sometimes those routines are not good ones, it's great for me to finally start relaxing and let go of my pre frantic travel mind. Back to sunny English Bay…

Many people were laying supine in bathers or with as little clothing as possible soaking up the rays like beached seals. It seemed everyone was coming out of hibernation; Vancouver was heading into summer and it was a nice sunny day to start working on a tan.

After my mini break I jumped back on my bike eager to be more adventurous. I was aiming for the aquarium but wanted to take a more scenic route, I was impressed to be in the midst of a magic forest in seconds. I fell in love with Stanley park! It is kind of like Kings Park with its proximity to the city and size, but so much better. There is greater access through the park and more trails to explore, and of course more green forest trees. I ended up getting lost a few times and kept asking random cyclists and other map intelligent tourists for directions. I eventually found my way to the Aquarium in the heart of the park.

Love the colourful fish.

The Vancouver Aquarium is a really interesting place, and one I highly recommend you go to see. I loved all the different types of fish, and took a million photos. They even had white belugas outside in the big water tanks, which didn't seem quite right to me, I felt quite sad for them. I like to see these majestic animals out in the wild more so than in an enclosure. The dolphins and seals also seemed a little mentally ill, staying in one corner and remaining solo. The sea otters and penguins looked happy enough, I think they get plenty of food to be satisfied!

How cute is this stingray? I saw one just like this when I was snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year.

I loved the final enclosure, a tropical forest walk through where there were beautiful big birds and little black monkeys and bright red birds high up above your head as you walked. Overall I was very impressed with the Aquarium and thought it was really worth the $29 entry fee, plus the extra $2 to help save the animals, whatever that means.

I was really tired by the end of my touring, my legs were still aching from my touch rugby fast sprinting efforts, and then my butt hurt from riding. My brain hurt from getting lost so many times, and my throat hurt because I was overdoing myself. But I was happy.

I found these awesome sculptures! Love this artist!

Happy to be out of routine and finding joy in my day to day while on holidays. Happy to be a tourist, even faced with all the challenges of being lost, confused and disorientated! I was only week one in for my big massive 3 month trip abroad! I better start building some stamina!

I ended the day with a dinner catch up with some old friends of mine. It was lovely to see them as it had been years. What is great about being a frequent world traveller; I manage to revisit all my friends in different pockets of the globe. I love to make new friends too, I find humans pretty interesting, and I like to learn from new people.

It amazes me how much we all end up having in common. We all tend to think along the same wavelengths and I love this common bond.

Vancouver has proved to be an amazing city once again; I am sure I will be back again one day in the future.

Soon I will be boarding my cruise to Alaska! My next post I will write about my unique cruise experience! I am planning on jamming in as many activities as possible and capturing another million photos!

Take care and hope you have enjoyed vicariously living my Vancouver adventures.

Anita xx



4 thoughts on “Vancouver Part 4: Stanley Park Bike Ride & Aquarium Awesomeness.

  1. Hi Anita—I wanted to thank you for stopping in over on Cookiecrumbstoliveby and for following along on my life’s little adventures.
    Like you, I am a teacher (now retired), a person who loves to travel and who loves adventures—I appreciate the sharing of your travels, photos and life stories—I look forward to reading and seeing more 🙂
    Happy Travels Anita and thank you —Julie

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