Vancouver Part 3: Wild Wonderful Whistler

Whistler welcome!

My day in Whistler was quite the adventure. I rose early and made my way to the pick up point down town right on time. By the time I was on the bus I had made a new friend from Perth! It was great to have a new travel buddy for the day.

I had been to Whistler before when I lived here years ago, but was very excited to return. After an epic drive, filled with amazing scenery along the way, the entire highway runs along impressive views of vast water and mountains, shimmering light off the waters surface. First stop was the gondola ride to the top of the mountain and then the extra big ride called the peak to peak. It looked epic! And I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell do they make these things? A real feat! Sadly it was foggy so it was hard to see too much, it was still great to be so high up the mountain.

Heading up the gondola, awesome views!

After our mountain ride we went for lunch at the Irish pub, I swear there is one in every town around the world. I am disappointed I didn’t take a photo but I can tell you I had a yummy Lunch of soup with dense and fresh soda bread, with fresh whipped butter as an entrée, then a beetroot and goats cheese salad with chicken. I couldn’t even finish the massive serving size, after paying the bill we made our way out for a nature walk.

Spot the nudie sun-baker!

We trudged blindly towards the Lost Lake, aptly named I thought. There were lots of different pathways; we found the right one with some help and made our way around the most beautiful turquoise blue lake. I love Canada for it’s amazing lakes and forests and scenic views, and Whistler sure did not disappoint. The sun came out to shine for us too, which was nice as it had been overcast and cool over the past few days. We even saw some sun-bakers, one cheeky one in the nude too baring his royal jewels, ha! Luckily we were far enough away so he was blurry, in all the right places.

I forced the bus driver to pull over for this shot, so worth it right? We are tourists after all!

A full day tour flew past, I was pretty wrecked by the end of it all and happy to be home early. My legs were sore from my spontaneous game of touch rugby from the previous day, I could hardly walk! All those short sprints were catching up with me! I settled in with a cup of tea, some chocolate and some down time.

A few more days to go in Vancouver before my next leg, cruising to Alaska! It’s going to get better and better! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far on my trip, and finally starting to unwind, and relax and let go of my pre-travel frantic manic panic. I also gave up drinking coffee, so I think that has helped to calm me down. My natural energy is very high and does not need any extra caffeine boosts! My friends will confirm that one, seeing me completely mental and high on the ceiling after one coffee!

I am finally settling into my new routine of travel, it’s nice not to have to go to work everyday for awhile now, and really focus on having a good time. What a privileged life I lead, I am very grateful for my freedom and the opportunity I have created for myself to follow my passions and make my dreams a reality.

Blue lakes, and green forest, two very good reasons to come to Canada.

What are you grateful for? And what are some of your dreams and passions? What is stopping you from achieving what you really want to do?

Hope you like reading about my travels, please like and comment and let me know what you think, I would love to chat to you!

Love this quote.

This is my ending quote for this blog. I captured this image with inspiring message at the Capilano suspension bridge, so relevant for this post too. I hope you enjoyed my writing.

Anita xx

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