March into Perth!

Hello loyal readers. Apologies for my long pause between entries, I have been busy making radical changes. As one does. Well as I do fairly frequently so it appears! 

An overnight stay in Yanchep Lagoon with a good friend. Magic place for a swim.

After accepting a contract in a remote town of WA for 5 weeks, I managed to stay on for nearly a year in this town and school. So that in itself is quite an achievement. I decided recently, it was time for me to move on. I was craving creature comforts, and a strong pull to come home, lay down some roots so to speak. I like having an adventurous life though, I like change, new experiences and meeting new people, I will always have one eye on the pie in the sky. 

Coastal walks along Cottesloe beach, my old stomping ground.

I move back into my own space tomorrow and I am anticipating massive home renovations and garden fluffing. I can’t wait. I have been drawing up ideas and visualising space changes for my home and garden for quite some time, so it really is the right time now to action all those brilliant ideas. Mostly, I am looking forward to wandering in my garden, seeing all my plants again, and bringing life back into my little oasis and sanctuary. It is a great space for me to read, sun-bake, relax and dream up my future plans. My Father taught me the power of dreaming, and how visualising really can lead to reality. It was quite amazing how our sunset talks and star gazing musings could lead to such creative discussions and action plans for both him and I. He taught me this valuable life lesson. So dream on people. Dreams are free! And they can lead to reality, you just have to dig deep and take inspired action!

I have been back in Perth for nearly two weeks now and after nearly two years away, I have a renewed appreciation for this very beautiful city. Everything is so green and lush, and amazing. I have hardly boiled a potato, and eaten out most to all meals, which is quite a novelty and fun. Once I get back home I will start cooking again. I do love preparing healthy meals but wow it’s great to eat out and enjoy fine dining every now and again! It has been a great self imposed holiday. I really was needing a break, feeling complete burn out was no fun. 

I spent some time in Coral Bay on my drive back home. A quaint little place, perfect for snorkelling and relaxing with only a magical beach cove, a few pubs, and a local bakery to keep one amused. I could have stayed on longer, and perhaps I should have, as it is not very often one is between life plans and has all the time in the world to do whatever. And isn’t it grand? We are always under the pump in life, always feeling the pressure to be working, and organised and on track. Why don’t we go off track sometimes? Off track is actually pretty good too. Deviations. Forks in the road.

As I turned off towards Coral Bay, I came across a tall young backpacker, weary and slim, heavily laden by giant backpack, he was hitchhiking and looking for a ride. Although my car was jammed to the rafters, I spontaneously decided to stop and help the lad out. I shoved the crap I had on the passenger seat further into the back and made space. 100 flies came into the car as he did, following the delicious smell of a tight european backpacker. Ha! All good. What a great boy! I rarely help out hitchhikers, but I was glad I did. The young dutch lad was on an epic journey hitching from Perth to the north of WA to visit a remote Aboriginal community to visit a friend who was enjoying a cultural art immersion, and painting with the elders. Then he was planning to hitch down to Alice Springs and go see Uluru, and then hitch across to Cairns. I thought that all sounded pretty cool actually. We got talking and he was a bright young man, didn’t drink and read a lot. Wanted to be a Biologist one day, and had a keen interest in journal writing and water colour painting. He also had had some tragedy. Which is often a pre-cursor to embarking on crazy adventures, his poor mother had committed suicide only 4 months prior. So sad! Because of Covid he hadn’t been able to make it back and decided to continue travelling Australia while he could and while the rest of the world was in lockdown. Anyhow, I was super impressed by this young man and his keen spirit of adventure. We bumped into each other a few more times over coffee at the backpackers. Although he wanted to go to Exmouth, he ended up deviating plans and coming to Coral Bay with me, deciding he had enough of hitching for the day. He really liked Coral bay like I did, and stayed on 3 or 4 days. I left before him! Oh the beauty of being spontaneous and doing whatever the hell you want! So good! I wish him all the best, let’s hope he doesn’t get murdered on the road by a blood thirsty Wolf creek re-enacted murder, urgghhh! Hitchhiking, fun but risky. 

I have learnt to slow things down a bit in the last few weeks. I have been catching up with all my Perth friends again which has been awesome, but it is time to get grounded again. I am really looking forward to getting home, putting everything back in position and eventually going back to work, like a normal person! Ha! 

Love is proving challenging once again in my life, with my boyfriend away in New Zealand. Long distance sucks hairy balls. Besieged by miscommunication and lack of physical contact, it can be super challenging. Anyway. Life must go on. We have been letter writing, well correction, I have been letter writing, 4 letters and 4 emails, to one email. But who is counting? Ha! I have a lot of words. Perhaps that’s why I have not been blogging I have been busy writing one way letters. Haha. I also went into another letter writing frenzy and sent off 4 cards yesterday to various lucky friends around the place. Anyone else out there keen on writing letters with me? Let’s share life advice and general other nonsense, it will be great. I promise! 

Okay, I think that is enough for one more entry! Hope this finds you well and happy and enjoying life, and if not, suck it up and make radical change. It’s the only way forward! 

Anita xx

Over and out,Anita xx

4 thoughts on “March into Perth!

  1. Hi Anita, Beautiful pictures of some of our beautiful beaches here in W.A!! What are the odds that two random bloggers meet via comments and actually live in the same state? I’m in the Southwest just out of Bunbury. Love your water colours, you’re very talented. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much!! I rarely stumble across a local blog so hello! 🙂 Glad you like them 🙂 I will have to post a few more of my recent designs. Thanks for saying hi!

    Liked by 1 person

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