Recently I have had a strong urge to feel cosy. Wrap myself in a soft fluffy blankey and lull around in comfy cosy prone positions. Where is all this cosiness coming from? Do you feel compelled to get cosy? Here in Australia, it is Summer, so the cosy feels are somewhat more challenging to obtain, but certainly not impossible!

Venturing down south with my new bestie recently, we stumbled across a random out of the way corner shop, mostly selling lunches and drinks to nearby farmers. My friend knew the girl there, a high school friend, nonetheless, inside her random little shop, was a trove of random treasures! Temperatures had plummeted by half the further south we mozzied, and I was in need of warmer clothing. I had looked in multiple shops, op shops, you name it but so far, freezing cold is all I felt. But in this shop, I found a winner, a FLANNEY! I have not worn a flannelette shirt for many years, but wow are they comfortable and COSY! I had to find just the perfect colour combo, and I may have wanted to buy 4, but honestly, I knew I was not going to get much wear out of them back in the Pilbara, average temps around 42. Phew! Cosy could turn uncomfortably sweaty pretty fast up there. I proceeded to wear my new flannel for the next 4 days, to bed, every day, and basically everywhere. Fashion on TREND! The best part it was made in New Zealand, bringing me that little bit closer to my absent kiwi boyfriend. Lol. I know, its a new relationship, can you tell? All the lols. 

As I light my nag champa incense for more cosy feels in my boudoir, I reflect further on my need for cosiness. If I could light a fire right now I would. Any one have a doona? Maybe a beanie will work. Just wrap me the fuck up! haha! Swaddle the fuck out of me. Where is this coming from? Maybe I just need some hugs. Well it’s making me laugh anyway. 

Summer holidays are coming to an end now, tomorrow I fly back home to the Pilbara for another term of work work work work work. I plan to have fun with the kids, teach them some radical new ideas, be awe inspiring, and get really fit and fabulous. I am officially off booze for 3 months now. On the wagon for over a week now, it has been an easy start as I have not felt the need or desire as I felt below average with some unidentifiable lurgey, and no it’s not COVID! I have a tendency to go hard then basically I need to go home for at least 3 weeks. Burn out! Urgh. Moderation is a somewhat challenging concept for this enthusiastic sagittarius. Go like a bull at a gate, then cosy up like a wintery cat by a fire on a mat purring perfectly to the crackle of fire, fuck that would be nice. I seem to also be channelling my New Yorker as there are some expletives coming out of me uncontrollably. Hey, I know a few of you wont mind! Swearing is FUN. Break all the rules. Swear a bit. Or a lot. Fuck it. 

I am reading an ancient well read copy of ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ by Wayne Dyer. Now it’s not a sexual thing, although it sounds pretty darn deviant to me. It’s all about pulling yourself out of your bullshit mentality of shoulds and cants and have to’s. It is a healthy reminder to walk your own path, question all the rules, fuck the need for approval, and live your life to your absolute fullest. I like it. Most people do the same boring thing day in and day out. Not me. I often berate myself for an ever changing lifestyle, but quite honestly I like change. I like new environments, and most importantly I like new experiences. Things that teach me, people that I can learn from, life adventures. We only get one crack at it, so why not say yes to a few more random opportunities that come your way? 

I often find it is a mental choice.  A few years ago, I was sitting despondently in my garden, picking my belly button, whimsically starring at the clouds shifting, thinking what the fuck am I doing with my life? Sweet fuck all. It is time to make a change! I put it out there to the universe (I know I am a bit hippie like that, I even like to grow my armpit hair a bit just to shock, and then once even I get too shocked, you gone hairy hair hairs); and then BOOM, a job offer came for me in Darwin or Alice Springs. Okay, I pick Darwin. See ya later alligators, more likely hello crocodiles, as the NT is full of these ancient beasts!!! But yes, the moral of the story, when you open yourself up for the possibility to change, anything is possible. 

As I scrolled through some Insta this morning, I came across this yoga girl working out in VELVET leggings and bra topsy thing. I thought YES. I need that in my life. I am all about fabric feels these days. Again to obtain those cosy feels. Velvet, flanney, basically anything soft, I am all over it. I want it all over me. Immediatemente. That’s spanglish for immediately in case you couldn’t tell. My spanglish is so damn buenomente. Ha!

Okay I think my cosy post is coming to its cosy conclusion. I hope I brought you a few laughs this morning. Remember don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s all small stuff, unless you are sweating wearing a flannel, and a beanie by a fire with a doona and cat on your lap, patting soft cosy fur, nope, that just sounds cosy. Love it! 

Yours, Cosy Anita xxx

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