Moving House: Taking a leap of faith.

A new peace lily and some fresh flowers to make my new house a home.
A new peace lily and some fresh flowers to make my new house a home.

I have just moved house. I only had two breakdowns in the course of it all, but I am pleased to announce, there is a happy ending!

The time had come to move from my Mums’ unit. We had moved in there together in 1991. So many wonderful times and memories were made in this small inner city apartment, it really was a struggle for me to move on.

So many parties, celebrations, fun times, sad times, good times, random times, casual times, so many different life experiences over the many years we lived there. My favourite part was the swimming pool. I have been swimming in there for so many years it felt like my private pool. I love to swim. But now I have the most amazing beach right on my door step, it looks like this at dawn…

Cottesloe beach at dawn, my new local.
Cottesloe beach at dawn, my new local.

I find it hard to let go, to relinquish the past. I realise now I can always treasure my memories, even if they do not physically exist around me any more. The whole moving house thing meant I had to let go of my firm grip to my past, and to the feel of my Mum in her home for nearly 23 years. I needed to take a leap of faith, to trust that I would be okay. Moving house has turned out to be a very cathartic experience for me and really the very best thing for me.

There is something very satisfying about clearing out cupboards, making bags of stuff to give away or throw out. Decluttering really is magical, thanks Marie Kondo you have taught me so much!

Her words came to me many times as I was packing and unpacking and sorting through years of closely clutched belongings. ‘Do I love this?’ No! Let it go! Awesome! Do these daggy old tracky pants bring me joy? No! I literally threw away over half of my wardrobe, I feel fantastic.

I realised also that I do not really love many of my possessions. Whether I have become more detached from them purely because I have recently returned from a mega world trip, I am not sure. Or maybe the harsh truth I have learnt over the previous few years, is it is just stuff! It is meant to help us on our journey, make us feel good, help us, serve a purpose, or otherwise it simply holds us back. Back from living a life of purpose, happiness and freedom.

I like the feeling of being unemcumbered by material things. Sure I like nice things around me, but how much of it do we really need? Not even a quarter of it I think realistically.

Moving house has given me an injection of inspiration, of motivation and a real energy boost. What first appeared to be a daunting and very difficult task for me personally, has turned out far better than I expected. Not only did I leap off my very high mountain, I have begun to fly!

Sunset view from my new courtyard.
Sunset view from my new courtyard.

I have moved into one of the best suburbs in Perth, right near the river, beach and heaps of great new shops and funky zones of activity. I am excited to explore my new area and discover a new part of Perth in a more intimate way.

Cheers to overcoming challenges,  embracing change and starting over!

Why not try decluttering for yourself? There is something magical about having a good clear out of our possessions and stuff. It really does feel awesome, try it for yourself!

Love Anita xx
What challenge have you overcome recently? What can you throw out to feel this awesome feeling of rejuvenation?


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