May the force be with you.

Again time has passed between writing blog posts. But that is okay. Life gets busy. I do love to write so I am always drawn back like a magnet. The urge to write hits me, and bang, here I am once again. Hope you have missed me!

I am well and truly back into the swing of Perth life once again. I am feeling more settled than I have in a very long time. But still not settled for a pet. So it’s progress let me say! Once you have an animal at home, then you really are grounded. And let me say I just like to still have the option for another big adventure. One will always be just around the corner, and I love that about life. It is always changing, rarely stagnant for too long. Basically it is your own damn fault if life gets a little too dull every now and again. You only have yourself to blame. You just have to get over yourself! I know it’s hard. We are all our own worst enemy sometimes.

I have been in a very motivated phase, annoyingly so I am sure. I was in a bad phase a month or two back, feeling fat and frumpy and not exercising enough. I was flat at work too. Crescendo of climactic levels of bullshit were reached and bang I took two days off work in a row. Guilty pleasure. I rested, I slept, I read 3 books, I made fresh juice, fresh healthy smoothies, took some long walks and re-calibrated. It was the best thing for me and it was exactly what I needed to do. After 2 days of rest I felt recharged, motivated again and I had pressed the reset button. A new healthy chapter had begun.

I began intermittent fasting. Food is basically over rated, ha! The joy in not eating for long periods of time is under rated. I sound like I have an eating disorder, but honestly fasting is very good for us. We all over eat for the most part. I began by waiting until 11am to eat, then 12, then slowly 1pm/1.30pm. As late as possible. I drank heaps of water, herbal teas and black coffee. I cheated with a tiny bit of sugar, but I did not eat. When I broke my fast I wanted fresh and healthy, cut up veggies, fruit, eggs, simple fresh healthy clean food. I then had dinner around 6/630pm, again healthy light meals, my stomach began to shrink so my appetite was reduced anyway. I cut out all crap. No ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, cereals, what a hero right? I gave up drinking over a year ago, so that was no problem to continue. I also had a bad case of diet coke addiction too, and even that has gone now. I replaced it with soda water and the occasional no added sugar cordial. I feel great. Most importantly, I FEEL so much better. My mind is clearer, I have less anxiety, I am calmer, I have heaps of energy, I sleep really well, I am not hungry, and I have lost about 4 to 5 kg so far, in about 5 to 6 weeks so far. Weight loss is a bonus really. I love the idea of “cell-phagation” where your body gets to work to kill off or process all the cells in your body that are useless and need processing. Because it is not busy dealing with digestion all the time it can get to work on cleaning up other systems in your body, so clever. I highly recommend it. Fasting around 16 to 18 hours a day is my daily goal, and I always feel like a superhero when I achieve that almost easily now. It is amazing what you can get used to.

I have also been increasing my exercise. I have been playing tennis regularly again, continuing to swim laps a couple times, daily walks and cycling. I aim to switch of the phone and tv by 9pm and jump into bed with a book. Lights out by 930pm. GREAT. That extra bit of sleep is making a big difference.

So there are a few tips for you! Hopefully that helps to motivate you too.

Life is a continual game of trial and error right? We are all for the most part trying to make the most of the life we have. Some of us have been dealt some pretty average cards, but with those cards, you juggle them around, ask for a re draw and re design your life as frequently as you like. Anything is possible. This comforts me. Knowing that everything can change. Knowing that everything can stay the same is some thing of a comfort too. Routines, consistency, it all helps to feel grounded.

As we age, I do appreciate those old ducks on the tennis court. They look great, have amazing energy and still whack a fierce ball. Ageing gracefully is the goal, and with a great healthy diet, regular sleep patterns, and as much exercise as you can manage, we are all well on our way to feeling good, and ageing well.

Last blog I out out a request for some new penpals and I want to send out a shout out to Niloofar who sent me some gorgeous artwork and a lovely letter! It was so great to hear from you! My reply is on its way shortly!

Feel free to say hi. I never quite know how many people or who reads my blog, unless you make a comment 🙂

Enjoy the change in season, cosy days inside, time to recharge, and hopefully a fresh perspective for the next chapter in life.

Anita xx


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