Rejection is a very hard emotion to deal with, but one we can all relate to at some point in our lives. I learnt some thing very important from an old friend of mine, ‘Anita you are not everyones cup of tea’. Well ain’t that the truth? I seem to be in a weird pattern at the moment where the ground beneath my feet is cracking open, shifting sands are swirling, thunder bolts are cracking, the rain is starting to pour, and the old man is snoring. Well, not quite, but you get the analogy.
A little bit of art collaging I did. 
It seems there are a lot of things falling apart in my life right now. History tells me when this happens, usually better experiences are around the corner, it is all about riding the wave. Facing your fears, dealing with all the uncertainties as best you can and then knowing that everything will change. Through the good and the bad, we have to remind ourselves that whatever experience we are having, this too will pass.
Good routines are really the steadfast in maintaining optimal daily wellbeing. Doing the same good things every day helps to create order, helps build self discipline, and ensures you are focusing on the activities in your life that are more meaningful. Here are some examples of my good routines:
  • Daily art practise, painting, colour expression anything creative.
  • Journal writing
  • Gratitude list writing
  • Exercise outside minimum 30 mins
  • Bed early aiming for 930pm
  • Reading
  • Bubble bath with epsom salts
  • No alcohol
  • Healthy food mostly whole food plant based diet lots of colourful vegetables and fruits, cutting out dairy, sugar, carbs.
  • Meditation aiming for minimum 8 mins – 16 mins.
  • Gym session/pump class – weight training and cardio ( perhaps every other day)
  • Make a healthy freshly squeezed juice.
These are some things I like to do, but ultimately creating your own is the way to go. What are some of your good routines that you could share with me?
Acceptance. My strong feelings of rejection have passed a bit now, thankfully. And have turned into acceptance. It is what it is. Fuck the rest. No, quite honestly, sometimes life has to shift in a certain way and it is only with the benefit of hindsight can we realise that hard truth. It is a tough one to learn though. I had to build a very big fucking bridge to get over myself on this one. It’s still being built to be honest. I have been trudging up slowly but surely, and slowly I am at the top and now the ride is getting smoother. The views are pretty good up here.
The views in my new house are literally pretty bloody good. 180 degree views of the sky, I have a great vantage point for epic sunrises and sunsets, of which I have already bombed my Instagram feed with way too many times. But who doesn’t appreciate an amazing bedazzling neon sky? I certainly do. Admiring the sky every day is something I like to do, and if I don’t pay attention to what is going on, I think it is a shame.

Beautiful sunset from the Yacht club, I love going there for dinner and sunset views.
I have been experimenting with some new art styles lately, trying to loosen up my technique and be more abstract. I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest and from there I generate my own ideas. I surprise myself with what comes up sometimes, but I do think the more you practise the better you get. Well, the more you squeeze that creative brain the more ideas it seems to generate.

Some of my latest art creations!


Work has picked up again now, which is a huge relief. After an income drought over summer, finally the money is starting to roll in again, bring it on!! Thoughts of starting my flower farm are still very high but the reality is I can not afford it just yet. It will be my plan for down the track that is for sure.
My time in Darwin has been a little rocky from the start of this year. It came as a surprise as I was really enjoying myself late last year. The truth is no matter where I was living I would have felt the same way, very fucking average. Getting off alcohol and back to some good routines helped me get back on track, and quite honestly I just had to learn to let some heavy stuff go. For the first time I started to feel like I wanted to go back to Perth. I miss my beautiful garden and having my own space to tweak and renovate and fill with plants and art. I will be back there one day this year. At this stage I will try and stick it out until the end of term 3 here in Darwin then make my way back to Perth then. I had a wild idea to go down and live in Denmark after this adventure, but quite honestly I feel very burnt out from THIS adventure and just want to goooooo HOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE. But we will see. One can keep the dream alive for a little bit longer. By the time I make my way back to Perth I need to have heaps of money saved up so I can start my next round of renovations in my house which I am super motivated to commence.
I plan to re paint all my back yard pavers and outdoor space; and upgrade my garden planting as many new plants and seedlings my little heart desires. I would really love to get a bee hive set up but I am not sure I have enough space in my yard for that? But it would be so cool to create and collect my own honey. Then I will work on installing a bath, and new vanity, bigger mirror, new feature tiles. I want to add some new fresh doors on in the back section of the house, that allow more light in, and then and then and then…. SO MANY IDEAS. But perhaps this is boring for you??? NOT boring for me! How about some inspirational gardens and interior tile ideas?? Right here:
Okay that is it for this post. It has been an up and down time over the last month but things are smoothing out now. New routines, adapting to changes, and keeping things real with lots of art and good routines are all helping.
At the botanic gardens here in Darwin. I have a new appreciation after my latest visit!


This post started out a bit negative and I am sorry for that. At the time of writing, about a week or so ago, I was feeling very fucking below average. The good news is the tide has turned and I am on an upswing again. Giddy up! I like to be real about that stuff, because adulting is hard work. We all have challenges, and ideally we can learn from each other to overcome them and get better, and ultimately feel better. I hope my spiels help in some small way, and offer some inspiration, or motivation or insight. Everyone is just trying to do the best they can with what they have. And really there is a lot to be grateful for, that is for sure. The number one thing that helps me in my daily life is my art practise. Its cathartic, meditative, a flow experience. Find something you are passionate about and make time for it in your life every day. Hell yes.

A gorgeous flower at the botanic gardens. 


After my visit this morning to the botanical gardens, I think I will try and get my own little plot and start gardening!! YES! We will see what I can find out…
Ok over and out. 🙂
Anita x

4 thoughts on “Rejection.

  1. A delightful post Anita! I too love gardening and partner loves to paint. Both are great therapies. Connecting you inner soul with an external action.

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  2. Hi ya Anita, Love reading your posts.. Im feeling pretty down and experiencing a rejection in my own kind of way. Your writing is so on point and feels very relatable. Keep up the great art works, and are liking the more relaxed free flowing style too.. I keep a few boxes of bees on the farm, nothing better than raw unprocessessed honey on crumpets in winter. If you want to ever get some bees for your backyard, then reach out to me.. See you

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