July 15 Darwin Early Days

I have been in Darwin for only a few days now, and so far so good. It has been an easy start to my new adventure so far, but really the real test will come next week when I start my new job. For now I am blissfully unaware of the new stresses awaiting me in my new teaching job. And I would like to keep it that way for now, head in the sand mentality, so to speak.

I landed early afternoon to a warm summery day, even though it’s the middle of winter here, technically no such thing. It remains 32 degrees all year here, with varying degrees of humidity. Right now it is the dry season and very pleasant, summer dresses and a permanent overhead swinging fan kind of climate.
Eager to explore, I walked to the botanical gardens on my first outing, which was nice. A giant boab and beautiful purple orchids were the highlight for me. Everything else looked a little dry and unkept to be honest, but I have high expectations of gardens! And coming from impressive Kings park in Perth, it was a little underwhelming.
On my first evening we went out for a dinner to the ski club with my host and work colleague. By chance we were joined by two middle aged gentleman who were quite chatty and informative. They had both arrived into Darwin just before a big giant cyclone called Tracy hit town in the 70’s, so knew a lot about town and its history. The balmy evening and golden setting sun made for a beautiful background to my delicious salmon and colourful salad.

The next day I hit up the markets at Rapid creek for a look see, these ones are well known for their asian greens. I devoured 2 delicious bao buns, one pork and one duck then a freshly whipped juice, which seemed to be the specialty drink that morning. I purchased my super cheap rocket and coriander and papaya with a big smile, I am going to enjoy the summery salads and tropical fruits at bargain prices here.
In the afternoon I swam some leisurely laps at the new swimming pool at Parap, which really was pretty great. I think this will be my new regular swimming place. In the evening I met up with an old school friend and her family for a wander around the Mindil Beach markets and some stand up market dinner. I tried the dumplings and papaya salad which were pretty good.
Overall it has been a great start to my move to Darwin. Today however, I feel a little melancholy, even teary, probably pre-menstrual. It’s a ‘I miss my parents’ kind of day, which happen from time to time. I think it’s the build up of moving to a new city, the anticipation of a new beginning which can all feel quite overwhelming at times. I will take it step by step, try not to panic, and keep up my good routines. My little coping strategies which help.
As I listen to the new squeaks of giant kite birds soaring through the skies, I do wonder what I have in store for me here in the top end. One will remain hopeful, positive and optimistic! I am taking a tour out to Lichfield tomorrow so that will be fun and hopefully get some great photos out there.
Today is also officially 6 months without alcohol! What a hero eh? I feel good for my healthy choices but wonder how long it will last in this heavy drinking culture. I vow to remain alcohol free until the end of the year at this stage, I just feel so much better for it. Have you ever thought about taking a break from drinking?

Okay that’s it for now, short and sweet! Would love to hear your thoughts and replies?
Anita xx

2 thoughts on “July 15 Darwin Early Days

  1. Hi Anita- I can relate to the ‘tears’ at a new beginning. I’ve been there many times!
    Looking fwd to hearing about your new job.
    Motherhood is full on but rewarding! I won’t be trading it in for teaching, anytime soon!
    Ps I head to botanic gardens first as well in a new place!
    Keep in touch!

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  2. Oh thanks Jenny! Great to hear from you. And so great to hear you are enjoying motherhood 🙂 sorry we didnt get to catch up before I left I am sure one day in the near future I will meet your lovely new daughter! Xx thanks for saying hi I will keep the blogging going 🙂 xx


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