Be afraid not to try.

Soon I am taking off on another new adventure. I am starting a teaching job in the very north part of Australia. I felt stuck and stagnant for ages and now finally the winds of change are blowing me onto a new course.

It feels like a big diversion from my path, but I am hoping it will be a rewarding and great life experience. That is what we are here for right?

I plan to write and share more about my time living in Darwin so stay connected.

Thanks to all who have supported my writing over the years.

Remember, the best is still to come, and do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try!

Anita xx

4 thoughts on “Be afraid not to try.

  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like a great move. Somehow I stumbled across your blog a while ago when researching getting my Latvian passport…,and am also a teacher who loves travel and art! So hi from a lurking reader! 😊

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