July and return from my trip!

I know I know… I messed up my blogging while I was travelling! Sorry for that… Normally I can keep up with writing while I am on the move, but for some reason, I stopped. I needed the break, and my creative writing flow dried up. I instead wrote in my journal, talked to people, looked at my surrounding scenery and generally enjoyed myself!

Europe was great. It was wonderful to get away from my stresses and pressures. It was great to see some new places and experience many new things. Travelling is always good, and you know the best part? Coming home. I must be getting older! Previously I would sink into a depression once returning from a big trip, and only the idea of a new trip would cheer me up. But not this time. I am more than happy to be in my lovely home, surrounded by all my comforts, my beautiful garden and do all my Perth activities, like take walks, swim, sauna, beach walks, healthy cooking and eating, just to name a few.

Not sure if you read my last few blogs on Europe, but I pretty much got up to my time in Belgium. I did actually write a blog on that so I will post that one soon, just needs some tweaking. After Belgium I went onto Croatia and then Italy! I know, so lucky!

Croatia was amazing, I started in Zagreb for a quick overnight, and then headed straight for this beautiful national park called Plitzvik. With another friend we walked through the lush green forest along the many well built boardwalks. Aqua blue streams and ponds and waterfalls everywhere it was like a dream. It had been a dream of mine to go there for many years, so it was great to make it a reality.

After that, I went onto Split just briefly then boarded a ferry to Hvar. The sun was boiling hot and intense, the city packed full of tourists. I couldn’t stand the congestion of Split, and was keen to get out of there as soon as I had arrived! Island life is much better for me. I had booked 3 nights to stay at a hostel just near the beach, perfect.

I spent the next 3 days meandering around the town, walking from one pebbly beach to another. I took many photos completely in awe of the crystal shining water, so clear, and clean and inviting. It was time to finally relax, enjoy the sunshine and get some reading time in. My trip at that point had been a little hectic, and I was really looking forward to some solo time. Sometimes, being by yourself is all you need.

It is all a balance really, because too much solo time can start making you feel lonely. Travelling solo is liberating but it can also be isolating. It requires some effort making new friends daily, and reaching out to strangers. Generally I enjoy casual encounters and making new friends, but I must admit I had some low points by the end of my fourth week. It would have been nice to share some of the beautiful places I saw with some one special. Alas, it was still beautiful, and I have great memories to reflect on.

So this trip, you won’t get a blow by blow account of every little step I took. As I first intended. However, what I can tell you, is that it was great. Travelling is so good for many intrinsic ways, here are a few:

1/ Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone. Everything is new, there is no routine and every day is a new experience.

2/ Being away from your home environment and daily routine make you appreciate and love your home even more.

3/ We gain a fresh perspective from our travels. Relishing in simple pleasures as a flowering tree, a twittering bird, a clear blue sky, clean fresh non polluted air. Really it is the simple things in life that make it worthy.

4/ People around the world are virtually the same. We all want for the same things, love, happiness and a good life. What more is there?

But ultimately, everywhere you go, there you are. We take ourselves on holiday, and we bring our cluttered over stressed minds with us. It takes time for the stress to melt away, but it does. That strong european sun warmed my soul, and squeezed the anxiety out of me. Lying still on pebbly beaches for hours on end forced me to stop the rushing, the incessant need to do more, achieve more, tick off my to do list. And this is a very good thing.

Returning home I feel calmer, and more focussed, and feel no anxiety or stress anymore. I am sure in time it will rear its ugly head again. I did a lot of walking while I was away too, and this was a very good thing. My legs and feet felt weary every day from the many kilometres I trekked. I still feel like walking more every day, I got used to it, and I realise I love it, and need exercise more in my life. We sit too much! Even not driving meant I was sitting less, and walking more to get to where I wanted. It was great!

I hope you don’t mind I skipped over my trip so much! Sorry about that! But sometimes, it is more important to take a good break, get some perspective, and enjoy the moment.

Ce la vie.

Anita xx

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