Use your words!

Lying in bed sick, trying to rest and recover as speedily as I can before the imminent beginning of the new school year; I started reading a new book. A fabulous book. An inspiring book. A motivational book. A book I saw perched precariously ready to be devoured on a friends couch only days ago, I ordered from the library and now I have it in my hot sweaty needy hands. “Use your words- A myth busting no-fear approach to writing” by Catherine Deveny. 

This is the book I just started reading. It’s epic. Get onto it!

Now I am no stranger to writing. I have been writing this blog fairly compulsively for a few years now. However, as I lay in bed reading this new book, 50 pages in I am itching to write. I am craving the need to purge my brain of words, like a pre-menstrual chocolate craving. It needs to be eaten. It needs to be written. So here I am here again!

Pretty abstract art because its pretty and I love these colours. 

I love this book so far by Deveny. I am only 50 pages in but already her wry humour, laugh out loud commentary makes me giggle like a teenager. All writers know it is something they feel compelled to do. I know it is something I have always enjoyed doing, and even though now it is a personal thing, a way to express myself, I am hoping that my words offer inspiration to all who come here for some mild humour and healthy distraction.

Deveny motivates early in the piece along a commonly felt thread of mine. Do what you feel compelled to do in life. Life is too short, you are only going to die! Why not do what you want to do? Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, a daily joy, not a daily grind. Okay these are my words but of the same sentiment. I like to see myself as a motivational force. I write these words to motivate you and myself. Do what you love. Do not give up on your dreams and pursue the things and people that make you happy. Why the fuck not?

My favourite thing in the whole world: Flowers!

The other day I watched a movie with the depressing theme of cancer and death. It was previously too close to home for me, and I remember avoiding it at the time, knowing it could lead to a public sobbing teary loud pitiful breakdown. Starring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore, “Miss you already”, is a tragic tale of a young successful Mum/wife/best friend dying of Breast cancer (currently featured on Netflix I give it 4 stars). Awful (Awful theme, but great movie). And totally reminds me of the death of my sister who reminds me of Collette, in an eerie way. This time watching it, I thought of my sister throughout the film, the tragedy, the loss, the pain, all the awfulness, but I also thought ‘this is life‘. Life can be short, and life can be tragic at times. This is even more reason to make the most of the life we have. It was a reminder for me, to get off my arse, and make shit happen. DO what you really want to do. What is it that you really fucking want? Go make it happen. Do it. Do it now. Do it already. Do you follow my wavelength?

This week I went back to school for a few days of professional development. Struggling a little bit with a head cold, it was still great to see all my colleagues after a long hiatus. However, we all started Monday morning with some tragic news, doom and gloom. One of our head boys from only two years ago had died, from a brain tumour. It had been quick, aggressive and killed a truly talented, wonderful and promising young man. We all went quiet and remembered the lovely young man who had once graced the halls of the school on a daily basis, and had stood proudly in front of the school to talk to his peers at every assembly. Death is horrible, but even worse is a young person dying. And this is even more reason to make the most of our every day, at every age, not knowing how much time we have left. Time is a precious commodity.

I feel different this year. I am more motivated to live in the moment. I have always been compelled to make the most of my everyday, but even more so now it seems. I want to live in the moment, be surrounded by my friends, share social moments, have fun, get offline, be in nature, swim in the sea, sun bake in my garden, smell the roses, LIVE as much as possible. This is all we can do. It is a healthy reminder to make the most of our everyday. What can you do today to make today great?

There was talk this week of visiting a Lavender Field in Tasmania, not quite this one but the visual is here. And oh so pretty! Apparently this is in Bulgaria!? Who would have thought Bulgaria would have lavender!?

Don’t forget to look up to the sky tomorrow night to witness the Blue Super moon! It is apparently going to be epic! I try to take time to admire the sky every night, watching for an amazing sunset, waiting for the first stars to blink on, anticipating my colour changing solar lights to emanate their beauty. I love it. I love being outdoors and I love my garden where I can do this every day and every night. Grateful for the simple things, I am. My Father taught me this. We used to sit in the garden most evenings as I grew up, on a white bench by the pool, admiring the stars, talking about life, sipping beer, well him not me. I like to feel him around me as I carry on this outdoor tradition.

I am starting a new project in February. It is called Fun-free February, lol. No booze, no meat, and no men. Perhaps I should re brand? Fit February? Fanatical February? February fitness frenzy? Whichever works! Would you like to join me? Reasons will be explained in the next blog post… stay tuned! Any ideas what I should call it? And would you like to be a part of my crazy? We can blog about it!

Just some more pretty roses to end on…

As I sit in my garden, a violent wind blows around me. Wind is always so annoying. I hate really gusty mild cyclonic winds, but that is what is happening. I am pleased I have banged out another blog, I feel better already. And to finish, here is a quote from a quote from Denveys book; ‘Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else’ – Gloria Steinem. And that is exactly how I feel. Boom!

With love, and big giant hugs,

Anita xx

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  1. Thanks so much! Glad you like it! Do you feel better after your 30 days? I bet! Thanks for stopping by, hope you may like some of my other articles too 😉


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