Do You Know How To Rest?

I don’t! I will admit it, I find it very challenging to rest. To take time out, do nothing, take time out from our busy social schedules and just CHILL. Why is it so hard to relax? I really don’t know, but here I will do my best to explore this common problem.


I have always been a busy person, I like to be social, and I like to be productive with my time, all the time. But then it gets to a point where I get really burnt out and fall in a heap. So it is important to recognise the early warning signs of burn out before you actually get there and you get burnt!

Here are some early warning signs:

  1. Swollen glands.
  2. Sore throat.
  3. Lethargy.
  4. Apathy.
  5. Over zealous energy.

I just know that if I have too much fun, with not enough sleep, I will eventually suffer for it. And this is where I am at today. So rather than go to my three social engagements I had planned, I am sitting in my garden trying to relax. I have only spoken to 5 people this morning…okay 6. Damn! I do like to communicate but I realise in time it can be a little draining on your senses. It came to my attention after a message the other day from a friend I had not heard from in a long time, that he too found it hard to rest. And now he is quite sick. It is our modern day lifestyles, we all want to do do do. And do too much it seems.


I have a lot of time, oodles of it. I am single, no kids and no family. So I have plenty of time to socialise, exercise, eat well, be creative, write, read, do what ever the hell it is I want to do. I know, what a privilege right? It sounds lonely, and I am a little lonely at times, I always miss my family, but I jam my life up pretty well with loads of friends and lots of fun things to do. All the time. Like every minute of the day.

I have just come off the back of a 6 week holiday, and literally I spent only one of those days doing nothing and resting. Today is the second day of rest. Can you believe that? I find it a challenge to rest. But today I am doing my best to take a break, as I literally can not talk my throat is so sore and my glands have blown out to massive proportions. Fingers crossed I don’t relapse to glandular fever, which does happen to me from time to time if I over do myself. So I decided it was time to prepare a list, of ways to relax. I am an incessant list maker, and although it is at times exhausting to ‘always have something to do’, we do get more achieved with an intention in mind. Anyway, today is not about getting anything done, more about not doing anything. How to not do, so to speak…

Slightly different theme here, but it is just another indication of us always trying to DO something all the time. 

Here are the best ways I know to relax…(at my house, given what I have at home…not like fly to some magical tropical island kind of goals…)

  1. Try to stop thinking. I am an over thinker. Let that shit go.
  2. Sit outside in nature. I am sitting right now outside in my garden and I love it. It always makes me feel better to be outdoors, regardless, night and day, talking to my plants and feeling their good energy washing over me like a cleansing bath.
  3. Drink herbal tea. My latest favourite is liquorice root tea, apparently it is excellent for boosting immune systems. Excellent, get to work tea. Any herbal tea is good, but important to stay off caffeine and give those adrenals a break.
  4. Switch off the phone. I spent most of the morning on the phone, socials, and chatting to friends, it is a challenge to put those little boxes of crack down, but seriously, do it. Even for a few hours will help.
  5. Read a book. Books are such a great escape from reality. I love reading and always have. I aim to gorge on a book every day, and one more tip here, do not put up with a shit book. Life is too short for a shit book.
  6. Take naps. I have been having a siesta everyday around 2 or 3pm, it has really helped me relax and unwind in the afternoons.
  7. Go to the beach. For me the beach fixes everything. I think I have been to the beach at least 5 times in a week every week for the last 6 weeks. That is a lot! But it is very good for your soul, all that salt water flushing out your system. Today I am too fatigued to go to the beach but I think I will be up for it first thing in the morning. And after a trip to the beach you always feel ready for a good power nap.
  8. Listen to music. Music is another good for your soul thing. Right now I am listening to the Triple J hottest 100, a tradition in Australia at this time of year, the best songs of the previous year, as voted by the public, and its good, really good!
  9. Try and do nothing. Just sit still and contemplate life. Looking at plants and flowers, or a nice view, or simply enjoying a cool breeze and some sunshine will be good too. Just sit and be. It is not always about doing, but being. Human doings, no, human beings, yes. We all need to be reminded of this!
  10. Journal write and reflect on your minds ramblings. Writing really helps me in life, hence why I felt compelled to pull this blog post together. I love to write and purge my mind of words and thoughts and share them with you. It helps me and ideally it can help you too!

Resting is something we take for granted. I have friends with kids who probably have not rested since the day their bambinos were born. Everyone has different challenges in life! But regardless, we all need to rest and unwind and take time out from the pressures, stress and bullshit life can deal out at times. For me I feel like my need to rest has come from having too much fun lately! I have been super social, partied a lot, staying up late, and generally burning the candle at both ends. Which is fun at the time, but seems to always have consequences.

One more hot tip: Get healthy and eat fresh food! Stay off processed food and eat lightly.

So for now, it is time to rest. To relax, to chill out, to listen to music and keep sipping my tea. I wish you a restful day, and if you are feeling stressed out, I hope this post has helped to remind you to rest. It is okay to take time out. Ahhhh.

How do you like to rest?

Resting face, Anita xx

2 thoughts on “Do You Know How To Rest?

  1. Oh I’m great at relaxing. I’m so good at it that my family taunt me that I’m lazy, but I don’t believe them. I work hard when needed to but can get a bit selfish n stubborn about needing alone time n relaxing time.
    I relax by doing things I love – read, draw – and spending a time doing nothing stressful or just nothing at all.
    For example, my last 2 weeks at work were stressful, so I’m spending this weekend relaxing…at the movies, thus doing something I love. I’ll go alone, which helps me relax even more.

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