Creative Photography

On a sunny Sunday day trip recently with some friends, we came across a beautiful orchard in the Perth hills. With excitement, we pulled over and grabbed our camera’s for the perfect photo opportunity.


I love to use my camera in creative ways, capturing colour, nature and anything that appeals to my eye. Self expression with a lens is fun, enabling all your attention and a great way to make a lasting memory. I also love bees, and love to get them mid nectar nibble.



I hope you feel inspired by these images for your own creative ideas. Please feel free to use the images to paint something, or be creative in other ways. Be sure to show me your end result.

Being creative is so important to me. I make sure I make time for it every week. Turn that TV off and take some time out for yourself!


Anita xxx


10 thoughts on “Creative Photography

  1. I’m beavering away in a sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library’s project (and posting about it on one of my blogs and on Instagram, which I finally joined) and working in my art journal at least once a week. However, school and work are back in session now so my free time/art time have shrunk again.

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