Araluen Botanical Garden.

Most of my regular readers by now will know I love flowers. I am truly obsessed with them. I love to plant them, photograph them, talk to them, and be around them. Recently with some friends we took a day trip out to the park for a walk around and a little photo shoot.


Nestled in the hills of Roleystone, 35 minutes or so from Perth, Araluen is an impressive Botanical garden which is privately owned. It would be a dream of mine to own such a beautiful garden as this one day!

There are a huge variety of flowers, including Tulips, Poppies, Camellias, Magnolias and Azaleas, to name a few.

I love coming to this garden as I feel very connected to spirit here. At one point I took a walk by myself up around the hilly part of the park where the magnolias are. Here a few years ago, I came with my Mum and I could really feel her presence with me. I spoke to her a little here, and had a mini cry, I miss her so much.

It is really an amazing place of beauty that I highly recommend you go to see. Araluen is best visited in Spring, just when all the tulips are popping up. However you can go to visit all year around.

Cost: $15 (During Spring festival time, usually $5)

Location: Roleystone, Perth Hills.

When: August 20 to end of October. (Best time, but I know it would be good all year around!)

I hope you have enjoyed my little article on Araluen Botanical Garden. Take a visit there sometime soon!

Anita xx


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