Looking to join a fun art project?

Inspired by one of my favourite artists Julia Rothmans, she collaborated with other artistic woman around the world to create a montage of images. As a representation of “Woman who draw”, they all worked together to create this masterpiece. Here is the result below:


What was unique about this is the image they all had to draw was captured at exactly the same time. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! At a certain time designated, all participants had to look up at the sky, take a photo and draw the result. So cool.

I love it so much I want to do it too. I would like to collaborate with other artists around the world, you can be male or female or other, I don’t mind! And let us all draw something that we see at the same time!

I like the idea of doing this sky project to start with because we all have the sky above us! Another interesting one might be to draw the first bird that we all see, or our favourite flower. Or a view of the ocean? Or what we see when we first open our eyes in the morning? Or have a theme and interpret as we like? For example the theme could be ‘Water’ and then we draw what we interpret as water, then share it, then tile it, and see how it looks. I think it is very exciting!


I am looking for 8 lucky people who would like to participate in the first project. I have found doing art with a sense of purpose makes it more exciting and this way we can meet new people, share our beautiful art work and learn from each other perhaps.

So for the first one let us also do a sky shot. Just to see our interpretation of this wonderful project. If you have an idea for a theme please let me know and we can see if we can make that happen too.

Okay, so who is in?

First 8 people to comment below are IN.

Ideally I would like to start this project in the next week, decide on a time which I will tell you and then you have one week to submit your art, by photograph, to me. Then I will show our collective artwork in a blog tagging you all in it! YAY!!


Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

Who wants to join me?

Anita xx


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