Reno plans.

I am a new home owner. And loving it! I have been diligently working at decorating and making my place as awesome as possible. It is so great to make everything just how I want it to be. I have made many changes in my place already, and every time some one new comes over they seem to be amazed at my most recent changes.


Here are a few of my current project ideas:

  1. I bought a beautiful timber table off Gumtree recently, for a bargain price of $45. I think it is in very good condition, and simply needs to be sanded back. The previous owners had applied some weird lacquer to the surface, cheapening the wood in appearance, in my opinion. I bought a sander and have been getting stuck into. I dare say I am scratching the shit out of it so far, and hope I don’t ruin it! I am now sanding it back by hand with sandpaper, to get said bad scratches out… any tips? The final plan is to coat with Cedar oil or perhaps apply a new clear glossy coat to make it lustrous and beautiful once again. Either way, it is great to have a project, and I love the new larger oval size, WITH extendable piece in the middle enabling opportune massive dinner parties. How fabulous. LOVE IT!
  2. I managed to sell 3 of my roller blinds on Gumtree recently. They are the fairly cheap type, that have been tacked on to the outside of the window frame. A cheap and quick fix for a reno (renovation- you know us Aussies, always abbreviating!). Not for this black cat. One by one I have removed, and replacing with either curtains or new blinds. So far I am very happy wiht my decision, and curtains really do make a room warmer, more appealing and more inviting. Happy days.
  3. Gardening. I am always working on the garden. SURELY I can find some more space to plant more plants!? I will have to keep pulling up pavers to jam in any more plants. I would love to plant a purple magnolia, but I am living in a dream world! I love these plants, but they are slow growing, need more space and frankly, I just can’t fit this delightful tree, yes TREE, into my over crammed backyard. Very sad story. I have thought about putting it into a pot, but not sure it will grow in a pot. Sad. Story. Sob. Sob. I totally need to buy a bigger place. I know, once my place is absolutely perfect, I will sell it then buy something bigger, and start all over again!

4. Re-tile the kitchen floor. I have pretty crappy tiles in the kitchen right now. They have cracks in them and even though the colours are okay, they are in bad need of replacement. SO. YES! The plan is to find some beautiful new tiles, and get someone to lay them for me. A friend was in Capri in Italy recently and I fell in love with some tiles she photographed, basically I am obsessed. I do have an obsessive personality type, can you tell? (I also drink too much coffee…)

Blue Morrocan tiles, mmmmmmm, so nice.


How beautiful are these tiles!? Sorry I have smashed all my socials with this image… but it was worth it. In LOVE.

5. Um… jeeze there has to be something else! That’s it! Replace the vanity in the bathroom. I HATE the current vanity. It is a crappy little shitty thing that pools water, looks shit, is too small, and is frankly a cheap piece of crappy shit. Can you tell I don’t like it? So I plan to replace it. With something so much better…. Perhaps a timber top, some roller draws, more space is most definitely needed.So there you have it. 5 big current plans. And here are some more decorating ideas… just for fun…

I really like this idea of putting up plates on the wall. LOVE IT! DOING IT!

I am enjoying home ownership way more than I thought I would. Looking forward to sharing more of my ideas with you into the future!

What are you working on?

Anita xx


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