Summer lovin’

As I belt out some quality ‘Grease’ tunes, namely ‘summer loving’, I feel happy, over joyed and so grateful to have had/am having such an awesome summer. I made the decision to have a staycation, as I live in a beautiful location near the ocean, and trees, and river, and so many places of beauty. I have really made the most of all of it. YES!

Sweet mango dripped from my fingers as I savoured the sweet taste of its soft flesh. Perfectly ripe, tasty and delicious, I totally love summer fruits. Gone are the days when fruit was seasonal. It seems we have everything available at our fingertips, all year round. I remember when I was young being super excited about finding fresh peaches and nectarines in the store, always my favourite time of year; Summertime. But mangoes, now they are the best!


I have walked or cycled to the beach almost every day for the past few months, and I have turned a golden shade of black. Perhaps the darkest tan I have ever had, but it just feels so good to be outside in the sun, so rejuvenating, and good for your soul. The ocean is also the best remedy for mood too. There have been days I have felt up and down too, but mostly my grief has lifted. Salt and sea, the sound of waves crashing, and a cool refreshing swim, all help immensely. I will always love the sea and I stay determined to keep my connection to this sacred place.

A photo I took recently at my favourite place to swim; Pete’s pool.

I am moving house in the next few days, which is so exciting. I am soon to start packing and start the unravelling of order, that so defines my life. I hope to discard as much as I can, to feel lighter and release whatever I do not need. I like to live as minimally as possible, but it seems when we move house we discover how much we have squirrelled away into every nook and cranny of the house.

My Mum was a legend at storing things, keeping things for best, or finding spaces in corners. No. Declutter all that crap! And use as much as you can now. We have so many things in our lives we do not need! I am adamant about getting rid of as much unnecessary stuff as possible. I am somewhat ramping myself up, in preparation for this cathartic and necessary declutterment. My Dad was slightly better at getting rid of things, and in his opinion moving was the best way to do it. ‘If it hasn’t been looked at or used in one year, it’s time to chuck it out!’ That’s what his theory was! Quite ruthless but true. I will keep that in mind, thanks Dad.

A beautiful rose growing right outside my house, I look forward to growing my own amazing rose garden.

Summer holidays (had me a blast) are nearly over…soon it will be back to the grind of routine, early starts and compulsory food and wee breaks. I so like eating when I am hungry and pissing when I want. Teaching is annoying like that! I have even lost a few kg’s just from eating only when I am hungry, which is surprisingly not all the time! I am also looking forward to some routine again, seeing my colleagues who I really like, and even seeing the kids. Most of them are pretty awesome. It’s amazing how much they grow over the summer break, turning slowly into adults. It is nice to see them change and grow before your own eyes. Teaching is a job I find a privilege, it is so great to be able to guide them to become better humans, as best as we can!

A cool graffiti bird I found on my travels recently.

For now I will continue to enjoy sqwarking kookaburras, sqwarbling crows and magpies, screeching twenty eights, ticking of the crickets, crashing of the waves, summer fruits, cold drinks, hot coffee, reading books, happy siestas, lazy days, reading magazines, wholesome salads, and hot summer days. Oh Summer, you have been amazing.

Frangipani’s would be one of my favourite flowers. And this colourful one is for sure my fave. Sweet smell, green leaves, and perpetually bright and happy!

Happy summer to you!

Anita xxx

2 thoughts on “Summer lovin’

  1. I absolutely loved it and this had just inpired me to make the most of my Summer when it comes, I’ve been excited for Summer since the beginning of the year and after reading this I just can’t wait!

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  2. Oh good to hear! Yes Summer is one of my favourite times of the year. We have a very good summer here in Perth and I am sure making the most of it! 🙂 Glad you liked my post! xx

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