Go your own way.

‘Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.’ -Will Rogers


I have had the most amazing week, summer holiday/last few months/ Christmas holiday break. Today I feel very energised and connected and feel inspired to share with you. I have had some really interesting experiences recently, which have led to some cool epiphanies. As per usual I aim to reflect on how awesome life can be, and in turn share some inspiring and motivational wisdom. So get comfy, make a cuppa, break off some chocolate, and enjoy.

Over the last few months I have been hosting a string of wonderful, inspiring and fun new people in my home. They have come from London, Germany, USA and most recently from Norway. I love having new visitors in my home, I love to share good food and engage in meaningful conversation, and learn. I am genuinely intrigued by other peoples stories, how they live their lives, what their passions are, and in turn this motivates and inspires me. It really is a win win.


Most recently, I received a message from a woman I vaguely recognised, asking to meet with me; as she was in Perth travelling for a week or so. After a few messages we ascertained our connection, I had met her through blogging, she had successfully lived a moneyless lifestyle for a year and a half. I was intrigued and connected to her the minute I stumbled across her brazen and original philosophy. We made an instant connection when we met. I offered to host her for 3 nights, and throughout this time we continued to grow a strong connection and understanding. We talked honestly and openly as if sisters sharing inner secrets. Two bold, strong courageous women sharing their views, finding many similarities in life, with relationships, sex, leg hair, money views, or the purity of being yourself. I loved her refreshing perspective on life, her energy to live as carefree as possible, to simply enjoy life, be flexible, go with the flow, live minimally, but FULLY, and go your own way.

Many people are hung up on what other people think of them. I am not, frankly I don’t give a damn. As long as I am not hurting anyone, which is never my intention, I will do what I feel is right for me. And I will not be apologetic about it.

I have a friend who is continually saying sorry. Sorry for this, that, the other, fucking sorry for nothing. She has nothing to be sorry about. And in fact I want to shake her and scream ‘stop apologising for your existence, you are beautiful and worthy and amazing’. Sorry. Fuck. Stop saying sorry. Fuck sorry. Be yourself, be proud of yourself, and go your own way.


Recently I have had a whirlwind of new friendships coming into my life, and I love this new influx of positive energy. We can get stagnant at times in our friendships, in our lives, with jobs, partners (I can only imagine), routines, food, whatever it might be. It is great to push out of our comfort zones, welcome new people into our sphere of existence, and learn some cool new things. Alright! Learn, adapt, modify, apply, and go your own way.

I have always felt like a black sheep in a sea of white sheep. I have on purpose tried to live a more unique life, one that I am happy in, one that I love, and one that I feel empowered, inspired and motivated. Most people I believe are compelled to do what everyone else is doing, buy the house, get married, have babies, blah blah whatever it might be. I have learnt life does not always go to plan, in fact it rarely does. And even when we do make a plan for our lives, this is limiting. Life has a plan for us I am sure! One more amazing and exciting then we can imagine at times! Who knows what the future will bring for all of us?

Meeting such inspiring people recently has really pressed to me the importance of making sure you are doing what you want in life to make you happy. If you are unhappy in your life, then for goodness sake, get off your back side and do something about it. Shift that negative perspective, be grateful for how amazing our lives are, and know that having everything materialistically is not the answer. Connections, love, sharing a common understanding, and feeling empowered about doing things your way could be some of the answers we are all looking for. As soon as we start to live a life beyond our means, falsely, without good intention, or without our heart connection, we are doomed to unhappiness.


I wish you all the very best. Appreciate the good in your life, and think about living life with less money. My friend was the happiest and least stressed she has ever been living life without money. It really can be the root of all evil. She seemed to float into my life, on cloud nine, a complete uninhibited free spirit. Thank you for your amazing refreshing perspective on life, and I look forward to meeting you again in Norway later in the year Lise xxxx.

Wishing you good connections and happiness.

Love Anita xxx

‘Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.’ -Henry David Thoreau




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