Coming Home.

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir.


I am officially a home owner now and I love it! It feels surreal, unbelievable that I finally made my dream a reality. This has been my dream to buy my own place for at least 15 years now… and I have finally made my dream come true, and it feels great!

I managed to buy into an area I used to live in years ago. Returning to the streets and local parks for walks, touching my old favourite trees, elicits warm fuzzy emotions, a sense of belonging and a real feeling of coming home. I never thought it could feel this good.

Being the super organised person that I am, every nook and cranny is organised, I have even rolled all my t-shirts into my draws, and my knickers and socks for that matter…so they are all perfect. Unbelievable. It really does feel good to be organised.

I have hit the ground running with fix ups and changes. I bought a new stove to replace the previous one that did not even fit in the recess, and was dicky and tinky and basic, and just did not cut it. I love to cook and prepare delicious food, so for me I wanted to feel really happy with the stove, and now I do. I love my new stove.


I really enjoy buying second hand things. I love to know I am re-using and re-cycling something that could have previously gone to landfill, or left to rot and go unused. There are amazing bargains out there on Gumtree (online second hand site) and even local op shops. I do not feel compelled to buy all new furniture, simply to upgrade a few small pieces and improve upon what I have.

I am installing some new security screens, and upgrading to a taller and safer back side gate, being a single female, security is a priority for me. In only hours I am dismantling and waving goodbye to a fairly ancient and decrepit backyard shed, which a friend is kindly helping me with, in exchange he is keeping for his own purposes, win win. My next major job is to paint the back fence. I literally just returned home with two sample pot colours, already it is on the fence for visual judgement. Basically they are the same colour, similar to the colorbond blue if you are familiar with colours. Anyhow, it looks fabulous, and this will be my next major job, to paint the entire backyard fence. YES!


After the painting is complete, the plan is to begin building an amazing garden. I am a really keen gardener, I love colour and lush greenery and I can not wait to build my own beautiful garden. I plan to spend a lot of time outside, relaxing, entertaining, enjoying the outdoor space and even eating meals outside too. Currently I have an enclosed back patio/sunroom, however the panels that are there are pretty basic, rundown looking and perhaps in time for removal. I prefer an open space, one where I can see the whole back garden and feel open and spacious. I have asked a few male friends and they all seem to think dismantling it will be a pretty straight forward job. Beauty!

So it is so nice to have plans, to be productive and to build my own home. I feel very grounded and centred and on purpose. Life is good! LG, as my Dad used to say. It really is great to be working on a project. I know I will love living here, because I already do love it! Every room is great for different reasons, and the light in particular throughout the whole house is great. I have no one next to me on the right, so loads of natural light comes in in the mornings. My bedroom window looks right out to the garden so I look forward to raising my blinds to a tropical wonderland each morning.


I have been a very busy little beaver the last few weeks, hence the quietness on my blog. I have also had my friend H staying with me, which I love. It is great to have her company and to go out and do some fun things together around Perth. The other day we went for this 30km bike ride all around the river, up into Kings park for breakfast and then all the way back around the river. It was fabulous. I love riding my bike and it was particularly great to revisit some old bike routes I had not travelled on in some time.

I hope you my reader are also doing well for the start of the year. Hope you have enjoyed my mini update! It feels so good to be finally in my own home. Until next time…

Love Anita xxx


4 thoughts on “Coming Home.

  1. Aww congrats on being a home owner! It seems that you’ve plunged headlong in those fixer upper tasks. I hope they’re fun.
    I do enjoy watching the House Network on TV, though I don’t own my own house. It’s great for ideas though.

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  2. Yes I am loving it!! Cant wait to get everything just how I want it. I will try to spread it out a little and not do it all in the first month! Lol šŸ˜‰

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