Change is coming.

“You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life.” – Steve Maraboli.

Happy New year to you all. Although it feels like January is already well and truly in full swing now. I can feel this year will be another fast one. Each year time accelerates faster and faster, perhaps the older we get the faster time moves, for certain time is not linear. Even more reason to make the changes in your life you have always wanted to make. This is the year for empowerment, new beginnings and for feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

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In previous years, I have been an over thinker, a deliberator, sitting on the fence, hesitant, you get my drift. But right now in time, I feel anything is possible. I have some hidden strength and ability that has grown from within. My bullshit meter is at an all time low. Sagittarians are well known for being very blunt and straight forward, well that is me to a tee. As I cycle my bike to the beach, I mutter away to myself ‘What a f***ing selfish c***’. Oh yeah, I don’t hold back. It feels so good. Expletives are so empowering. I mean I don’t go around dropping the c bomb all that often, but on the rare occasion it is fabulous, and fun, and fuck it’s just a word, why do people get so cut up over it?



It reminds me of a memory with my Mum; I used to sit and watch her work arduously away at her flower making. She was an absolute perfectionist. Not a stray fray in sight, nor a shabby shed of glue. It had to be perfect, or else. She would spend hours labouring away intensely on her creations, then boom, out of the blue she would crack the shits, furious with herself for making a mistake, throwing her beautiful creation into the bin yelling ‘CU**!!!’ in complete fury. I would always be like ‘Mum, calm down! Stop swearing!’ But she was mad, and I guess I would be too after spending so long on making something perfect then making a mistake. But that is how she was. And now it makes me laugh. And miss her of course, you know I like to reminisce. I think of her fondly every day, and my Dad of course.

A beautiful illustration by Leunig.

I am moving house soon, and this is a massive deal for me. Moving house is always stressful, but it is more anxiety I am feeling. I am already starting to forage through dusty cupboard and nooks and crannies in the house to see what I can get rid of before I pack and move. Moving if anything, is an excellent way to purge ourselves of unwanted things, and for this I am very grateful. I love throwing things away! I know, I am bit weird like that. I do try to give my things a new home, to the op shops or to friends. No hoarding here. And none of this ‘it’s too good to use’ crap. USE it or LOSE it! You know those amazing glasses too good to use? USE THEM! USE THEM NOW! That shit gets chucked away when you die and no one appreciates them, or uses them for that matter. I know that’s a harsh reality check, but it is true. Make a point of using your good things as much as you can, appreciate them, love them, and enjoy them. Because that is why you bought them in the first place!!

I am really looking forward to growing my own beautiful garden and painting some walls. I am really looking forward to making my own sense of place, that is ALL MINE!!!!!! Mwaaaarrrrrhhhahahah…evil laugh. I am planning to grow a tropical oasis, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, roses, all sorts of colour and beauty, it is going to be amazing. I have been reading Home and Garden magazine which I love btw, and getting all inspired by home wares and feature walls and arm chairs. Wow, I must really be settling down. For the time being anyway.

I plan to fill my walls with amazing colours like this!

It surprises me that I am so excited about putting down some roots, literally. I have always been a restless individual, traveller by heart and a lover of camper-vans. I can’t wait til I am old enough to legitimately buy and own and drive around the world in a camper-van! Haha! Well, for now a house I can call my own and a garden is perfect. I look forward to hosting many new people and friends in my home and creating a really happy, safe, comfortable home for myself. It’s going to be great. It already is!

2017 is the start of a new cycle, I can certainly feel this sense of new beginnings, new cycles, and a fresh perspective. Fear and reluctance has lifted, and has been transformed into action, empowerment and inspiration. 

People worry so much about what other people think. All that matters is what you think. Honestly. As long as you are not hurting anyone, carve your own path in life and do what makes you feel great. We are all victims of society pressure, expectation and social regard. The trick is in finding balance between creating your own unique method, and taking action in a way that pleases you. Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Who the hell cares?

A gorgeous illustration by Xuan loc Xuan.

Most people are worrying about what other people are worrying about, and it is all completely unnecessary. People stop living their lives their own way, doing things because they love to, because they are worried what other people will say or think. FUCK that. It is completely unnecessary, and can stop us in our tracks towards living our best lives.

Give yourself permission to do whatever it is you dream of doing. And for goodness sake go and do it now! Stop waiting for the perfect time, there is no perfect time, all we have is now. Now is the time.

With the full moon late last week I had a super frustrating, agitated, emotional and generally annoying turbulent weekend. Fortunately the energy has shifted now and I feel better. Writing this helped too, argh breathe in and breathe out. I hope you enjoy my latest post, always my pleasure to offer some inspiration!

Love Anit xxx

“Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions!” – Steve Maraboli.


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