Do you follow your Intuition?

Intuition is something we all have, an inner knowing, a feel, a certainty, buried deep within the constructs of our flesh. My beloved Mother would always encourage me to ‘go by feel’, and she was certainly very right about that. But how much do we really listen to ourselves? Do you ignore your best advice?


We are raised to act instinctively, just look at children. They act and do what they feel is right, fun, a good idea, they rarely hesitate. Watching children play in the ocean the other day, made me appreciate how young ones can easily find joy in simple activities, grainy sand, a pretty shell, or splashing into an oncoming wave. Sadly as adults, we become less aware of our immediate joys. We over think, deliberate, weigh up the options, and then sometimes have to go against our immediate instincts. This I dare say is where we could be going wrong.

Intuition is a finely developed muscle, that like all our body muscles, needs to be flexed regularly. We all have this ability to know when things are not right, or when following through on an idea seems bold and courageous, but just feels right. Recently I made a huge decision to buy my first property. Now this was a decision I could not make for the last 15 years even though intuitively I knew it was a good one; for many rational reasons. And then for other irrational reasons, I let my fear hold me back. Basically I over thought it. Now that I am on the other side of this decision I feel really good, I am so glad I flew off the cliff, faced my fears and now I am flying with fully spread wings. Facing our fears, can certainly be very liberating. What fear can you face head on? It will be very empowering to take action and over come your fear.


Here are some tips on ways to help follow your intuition:

  1. Allow rest, contemplation and quiet time. Your mind needs to clear of all the daily nonsense circulating on repeat. In between the rubbish, an occasional light bulb moment of brilliance may occur, if you give yourself the space, and quiet time in your mind to allow it to be un-covered.
  2. Write it down. Write down your magical light bulb ideas. We will find over time these ideas will come in repetitively, until you take action to make them a reality. Ideas are real, and want to be honoured. Take time to note the ones that will not let you go. Those insistent ones need to be given full respect!
  3. Take action immediately. Thoughts pop into our minds regularly, and sometimes they act as a guide, a motivator. Follow their instruction and act on your ideas. If we continue to ignore our natural internal drives, we may feel stuck or unhappy in our lives. Better to take a leap and follow the lead given to us naturally and intuitively.
  4. Don’t overthink. We all tend to over think things too much, and this can often stop us in our tracks. Aim to think simply about an idea, and swiftly take action, if it feels right to do it.
  5. Allow for the impossible. We really can do anything we dream about doing in life. We live in a world of possibilities, and it is only our minds that shut us down and stop us from our greatness. Think big, think in possibilities, visualise and materialise all that you dream of doing. Life is one big magical experience. We are not here forever, so let’s make the most of the time we have here on this amazing planet.


Years ago I was in a particular low rutty stage of my life. I was stuck, and not following my intuition at all. In complete frustration late one night I jumped into my car with no real direction in mind, and allowed my instincts to take over. My brain had done a very effective job of shutting most ideas down previously, and now it was time to break free. I ended up at a Japanese restaurant, and in the queue waiting to order I struck up a conversation with a complete stranger. I remember he was a Police officer from the UK and had recently arrived in Perth. We ended up sharing a meal together and I will never forget the conversation we had. We talked of books we liked and I remember asking him what he was currently reading, he told me he was reading ‘Yes man’. Now this struck me as a wonderful idea. The premise of the book was about a man who was stuck in his life so decided to start saying yes to all opportunities presented to him to see where and how his life could change. And it was certainly miraculous the transformation that unfolded.


After this one engaging conversation, this simple piece of advice of saying yes more, ended up transforming my life too. After that night I decided to start saying yes more to invitations, I stopped listening to the no’s in my head and instead went by feel. I followed my intuition, and it turned my life around. I ended up enjoying salsa dancing, and travelling overseas to teach Sport in a private school in Guatemala. Needless to say it was a big lesson for me, and hopefully an inspiring one for you too.

Following our intuition takes trust and practise. Certainly it can lead us to living the best version of our lives! I hope I have inspired you to take the leap forward, to begin following your intuition more, and take action to make your life as amazing as possible!

Love Anita xx

“Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.”
― Sylvia Clare.

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