Dec 25.

Merry Christmas to all my readers near and far. I would like to send out a message, and reflect on this strange/festive/fun/sad/tumultuous time of year.


Hearing christmas carols in the store makes me shudder. My shoulders slump and I feel deflated even before I hear the second stanza of that irritating chirpy high spirited tune. Christmas is often challenging for many people, it highlights all we do not have, all that we wish we did have and can bring out the worst materialistic obsession in many of us. Fortunately over the years I have risen above the incessant need to buy and receive millions of presents, their need completely superfluous. Let’s be honest, none of us really need anything. All I want for Christmas is lots of hugs!!

Growing up my parents made a pretty decent effort to make this time of year festive, fun and jovial. It would always fall a little short though, somehow we all knew it just kind of sucked a little. Where was the big table full of people to share in all this joy with? The empty chairs around us only made it more obvious. But we did our very best to have as much fun and love and joy as possible and for this I have good memories and I am very grateful.

I absolutely adore this beautiful Australian Christmas design. Artist unknown.

Dad was better at it I must say. He always insisted on putting up the plastic green tree, throwing the colourful blinking lights on it and adorning it with multiple colours of tinsel. Even the cat liked it! It was cute, and it was nice he made an effort. Christmas eve was the day he chose to celebrate, being European. We would have a nice meal in the evening and then open a few small presents after our meal. He always gave me thoughtful and nice gifts, with love and kindness, doing his best to make it special for me as a child, and for this I am very grateful. I only wish he was still here to share this time of year with once again.

Mum also did her best to make the day special. All her family lived in Adelaide so we never had an extended family Christmas. Some years we would go visit friends, other years, we would go to the beach in the morning and just do our own thing. Beach swimming early was a great routine, and one tradition I proudly continue. Once home again we would have a nice lunch and a glass of Katlenburger German strawberry champagne. It was always a difficult time of year for Mum too. However, unlike my open ability to express, she was the complete opposite. She just could not ever tell you how she really felt emotionally, however I knew it upset her. I think she regretted not spending more time with her family, and perhaps she wondered what could have been if she had stayed with my Dad. Who knows. But it is all in the past now. I can only learn from past experience, and perhaps you can too?


This Christmas I have a house guest from London, which is lovely. We have been invited to lunch to my friends place; she has a gorgeous house overlooking the Swan river, so I am sure we will all have a fun day together. For me being in good company is the main priority, and then of course comes Turkey. I do love Turkey!! Slathered with mounds of cranberry sauce and roast vegetables, I am a happy camper after this simple and effective annual meal.

Often I think the Christmas period demonstrates how mad for materialism we have all become. I vow not to buy into it all, excuse the pun! I really do not want any presents, and happy to receive hugs and simply experience good times.  People go mental buying expensive presents, racing around the shops and competing with hoards of hungry shoppers for the best buy. It really is insane.

I hope you enjoy this one day of the year with your loved ones. Give lots of hugs, and don’t over spend on the presents, it really is the thought that counts in the end.

Take care and happy Turkey day to you! I have absolutely fallen in love with the artworks above, they are so colourful and vibrant and happy, I hope they bring joy to you too!

Anita xx

‘We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.’ Joseph Campbell



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  1. Anita, I love the artwork you have chosen to illustrate this article! Especially the last two. The quote speaks to me as well 🙂

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