What I did this year:2016


‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’ -Saint Francis of Assisi

I truly realised the power of this quote this year. I began by doing difficult things little by little, in small chunks, breaking down each step. I did what I could step by step and then before you knew it, my challenge was completed. Anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it and are determined enough to see it through to completion. 


As I was finding images for a vision board I decided to create for 2017, I came across a bright idea. One I did last year too, and I realised this is a good way to reflect on the year and realise how much progress has been made. It offered me so much inspiration the previous year, so why not do it again this year! So in no particular order, here goes:

  1. Travelled to Latvia and obtained my Latvian passport.
  2. Road tripped across Scotland with a good mate in the UK.
  3. In an otherwise mostly dry year for drinking, sipped rose wine on a cliff top at sunset on Santorini Island Greece.
  4. Worked really hard as a Teacher and hopefully inspired lots of young people, thanks for all the UNO and Table Tennis and the many laughs kids!
  5. Went swimming at the beach weekly and often daily.
  6. Continued to write my blog and expand as a writer.
  7. Captured many colourful and beautiful photos.
  8. Stayed off drinking alcohol for the majority of the year.
  9. Read lots of great books; latest favourite motivational hero: Robin Sharma.
  10. Made lots of new friends from many corners of the globe including Latvia, USA, China, Finland, UK and Norway.
  11. Grew a lovely garden with lots of greenery and pretty colourful flowers bringing me lots of joy and peace.
  12. Exercised regularly, including walking, yoga, swimming, tennis and cycling.
  13. Hosted lots of interesting people from all over the world including China, Finland, UK and Australia.
  14. Cycled my bike more.
  15. Bought a new shiny red car.
  16. Cut down on buying clothes, and shopped at Recycled stores more.
  17. Went down south for a fun girls weekend away (will plan more of these for next year!
  18. Went on a great hiking trip in the South West, realising how rejuvenating it is to get out into the great Australian bush.
  19. Enjoyed many interesting foreign films at my local alternative cinema.
  20. Made the leap to buy my first property.


Overall it has been a turbulent but joyous year. Grief has still been with me at times, lingering, lurking in the shadows, then leaping forth at usually the most inopportune time.  It has been a full year, a year I made the most of things, pushed out of my comfort zone and had as much fun as possible. As each year flies by it makes me realise how fast our lives pass by. It is so important to make sure you are doing what you love, squeezing in as many fun times, good friends, and awesome experiences as possible.



I wish you the very best for an amazing year ahead. It is the beginning of a new cycle for the planet and for us all.


Anita xx

‘Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.’ -Alan Cohen

7 thoughts on “What I did this year:2016

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences this year, Anita. You did a lot and it looks like it was an amazing year. I hope 2017 is just as good to you.
    Thanks for that quote at the end too.

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  2. I love the quotations you’ve topped and tailed your blog post with. Both are simple yet powerful. Thank you for sharing your reflections on this year and for seeing your experiences as accomplishments. You’ve definitely achieved a lot and I’m sure you will achieve more next year too.

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  3. I’m taking a blogging break over the festive period, largely due to lack of free time, but I may well reflect on my highlights of the year when setting my goals and intentions for 2017. That’s a good idea.

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