A Natural Mood booster

Life is flowing along nicely at the moment. I am on school holidays and enjoying more free time to catch up with friends and do some things that I may not normally get around to. I am lucky to have so many frequent holidays. Life of a school Teacher eh? I really can not complain!

Recently I discovered something really cool, and something simple I want to share with you. I was in a funk one morning recently and as I prepared a morning cuppa, I decided to sit out in the garden. I love my little garden, and instantly I felt better. I walked inside, crappy, outside…so much better. Honestly the shift in energy was so obvious for me; just by simply stepping outside into the fresh air and natural surrounds, instantly made me feel better. This too can help you!

If you need a boost in energy I highly suggest the rewarding and very natural outdoors. In order to continue the energy boost, I decided I was going to go for a bike ride. My Mum used to be a fabulous bike rider and we would go on cycling adventures for all of Sunday most weekends. I felt her energy around me as I pulled on my padded cycling pants, and bright polo shirt. This is exactly what I needed to do: cycle my bike in the great outdoors!

I found this awesome image on Pinterest and it saids it is by Tanyunette on Deviant Art.  Good job!

I headed off along the railway line and to a lovely parkland with a massive lake in the middle, called Lake Monger. This is a very popular lake for people to go to and take walks, jogs, bike rides and generally enjoy some recreation time. Often you see curious black swans and this time I saw some unusual white billed birds I had not seen before. My mood continued to be buoyed by all the fresh air, I really felt so good. I was determined to keep this mood boost going, I made a mental note that from now on I was going to ride my bike more.

Simple and effective message. When was the last time you went for a bike ride? It is so much fun.

Long extended walks and relaxing bike rides are on the priority list these school holidays; and quite proudly I have taken a few of each in my first week of my holidays already, what a good start! Today I  walked right around the outside of Kings park with some friends which was fabulous. So nice to see some bird life and enjoy the greenery and bushland, so close to the city. The other day I walked with another friend from City Beach to Scarborough beach and back again. Great!! I am so proud of all my long walks and it is really making me feel so good, I am determined to continue my outdoor adventures.

I have a friend who lives really close by and has daily visits from kookaburras. It is so cool to see these big and usually shy birds up close and seemingly so tame. I captured a good photo of this the other day at her house I wanted to share with you.

** insert kookaburra photo.

It is always amazing how being outside in nature, smelling in all that fresh air, and admiring the trees and birdlife and flowers, how amazing it can make you feel. I highly recommend getting out into nature more often. Step out side and take the time to admire a beautiful garden, hear the tweet of a bird, or smell a fragrant flower, I guarantee you will feel better.

Love all of this right now. Nature you are the best medicine.

Yours in nature loving,

Anita xx

3 thoughts on “A Natural Mood booster

  1. Being out in nature is always so rewarding! Kookaburra – what a funny name for a bird! Please post up the pictures you took? I’d love to see how one looks 😀

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  2. Okay! I will post it in for the next one… I was planning to put it in this one but I already had so many images. Come take a look at my instagram I post my images there too @Ozolins813 🙂

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