Burn the bra!

Recently I have become quite obsessed with feeling free. Feeling freedom from our clothing and not feeling restricted is very important in my opinion. For reasons almost confusing to me, I have been experimenting life sans bras. Braless. Shake it off baby! Let those bosoms breathe and wobble and be as they please!

Since puberty we are encouraged to wear brassiere’s as soon as we show budding movements from mosquito bites beyond. I was a late bloomer and proudly flat chested til well into high school. Women on my line of heritage have not been blessed with breast… so I was taught, and witnessed. Boobs really are something all girls want, so it seems. And then when you do have them we spend so much of our time, strapping them down, lifting them up, disguising them, moulding them, squishing them and wiring them into perfectly shaped visual distractions.

This was the look in the 1950’s. Madonna had it going on in the 1980’s. Looks so uncomfortable!

Now let me get started on nipples. Why do we have such a problem about showing our nipples? Why are nipples so offensive? Nipples are the givers of life, a pleasure zone, perky and happy they ask for nothing in return (except fresh air and some space!). After a recent discussion with a friend, I learnt that men love nipples. Then why are we so paranoid about hiding them!? Men have them too, we don’t seem to mind if we can see them popping proudly through their thin shirts, completely inoffensively. But if a woman wore a blouse where you could see through to some nipp-lage, there would be stares, there would be outrage, cars would crash, women would fall over themselves in shock and awe; all sorts of mayhem could ensue.

SO many different bras to choose from!

Slowly day by day I am building more and more courage to go with-out a bra. Like wearing make-up, most women would feel very under-dressed with-out a bra and make up on. And how ghastly if anyone saw us? I beg to differ. We need to embrace our femininity and not be ashamed to be bobbing bra less and clean fresh faced.

I read some where that wearing no bra is much better for our health. Purely because the breast has more space to move, the natural jiggling action of the boob, aids lymphatic circulation and is better for our health overall. Not to mention it is way more comfortable. Ask any woman around you (if you are a man, or go put one of the wretched things on for yourself as an experiment), bras can be very uncomfortable.

These bees are so adorable, they caught my attention as I was researching a good image. Bee free! 

Going bra less can be a very sexy look.One time I witnessed this exquisite looking woman dressed in heels, an Italian skirt and top matching ensemble, super hot, and bra less! I gasped at the sexiness of her look. Now she was my idol in bra-lessness. It has taken me years to build the courage to go out without a bra, but slowly every day I am getting more bolder, more prouder of my bouncing breasts and small perky nipples. What is there to be embarrassed about?

Have you ever tried to do bra-less breasts? I highly recommend the experience. I find it liberating, freeing, fun and so much more comfortable.

Would love to hear your comments. Why are we so obsessed about caging our natural bosom puppies? Let them be free I say!

Cheers to nipples,

Anita xx


5 thoughts on “Burn the bra!

  1. I don’t often go braless but sometimes I get so frustrated and feel so restricted that I’ll duck into a bathroom and rip it off. It makes breathing easier I find. No matter how comfortable a bra is I always breathe better once it’s off.
    I don’t get why it’s mandatory that we wear bras and shocking that we don’t either. Just as I don’t get why people are shocked and sometimes disgusted when I say I’m on my period. It’s a natural thing. It’s not like I’m showing the blood; plus, what am I supposed to say when they ask what’s wrong.
    Anyways, I got off topic there. Yeah! Burn bras! 🙂

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  2. Haha!! I know right?! If all women united and just didnt wear them all at once, boom!! A revolution!! Harder for the larger breasted amongst us…but there are comfier options! X

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  3. I am with you about the all “breast and nipples are natural features and we should be able to do with them what we want” thing. You are simply right. Cars would not crash, planes would not crash and people should always mean their own business. But personally, I can’t go without the bra. I don’t know if it is because of habit or because the pointy shape of my small breast but its wobbling is very discomforting to me. Sometimes it even hurts! So, please, don’t burn all the bras. As just for every other issue, let people free to do what they feel better for themselves. Not all women wear bras because they are oppressed by society or not enough confident. 🙂

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  4. Thanks Nina so true! More than anything it is a habit and I feel naked with out a bra. But its good to experiment right!? lol! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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