Go find yourself.

I am a Teacher as some of you may recall, and today in class the students were asked to write a short story about the theme “found”. I found this very interesting and decided to find my own version of found, which you will find here… lol.

Sometimes I feel lost. Sometimes I am not sure which direction to take in life. I have found that in the past I have had moments of despair, confusion and draw a complete blank on which direction or what to do next in my life. However, the beauty of life is, regardless of indecision or the depth of despair, over time life has a mysterious way of working out for the best.

A wonderful illustration by a talented lady called Jane Donaldson. You can connect to her work here.

Finding yourself in life is a personal discovery and a journey we must all take. We all do this in unique ways. Some of us find ourselves through consistency, through our occupation, through our relationships and some of us are forever seeking enlightenment in all corners of the globe. I fall into the later category predominantly.

I find travelling to be one of the best ways of discovering  who you are as person and the best way to learn how other people live. One of the most profound things I have learnt about travelling, regardless of our cultural or physical differences seemingly setting us apart, humans essentially all have similar wants and needs.

We all crave love, connection and affection. Who doesn’t like a good bear hug? We all want to feel connected to our family, have a good job that we enjoy, and keep healthy and happy in our body, mind and spirit. We really have way more in common than we demonstrate differently.  And this is why travelling is so important, and I believe an essential learning tool in life. It can really make you appreciate humanity and yourself within it, in all wonders and complexities; by broadening  your mind and by expanding life experiences.

I have been a curious learner my whole life. I learnt to read at a very early age, and continue to be a voracious learner in as many ways as possible. I am also continuing to travel the world extensively.

My passions are writing, photography and travel; and combining all three elements brings immense pleasure. Traversing the globe all over is addictive and it seems like a never ending pursuit with limitless possibilities, combinations and opportunities. And this is what I like; choice, opportunity and freedom.

Travelling enables you to reinvent yourself. Through the movement and exposure to new people, cultural practises, food and customs; you can really create new behaviours and learn more enriching patterns. There is always something new to discover, learn and find in an undiscovered place with interesting thoughtful people. We just have to be willing to be adaptable, open minded and flexible.

This little beauty caught my eye as I was leaving school. I loved the similar wall colour in the background. I always like to find beauty where ever I go.

Finding yourself is a never ending goal. My Father used to tell me he was always learning something new everyday of his life, right to the very end. So perhaps this is our challenge in life? To keep seeking, learning, adapting and evolving. To keep on caring and finding only the good in others; being kind, thoughtful, loving and honest. Let that be our challenge in life; to keep looking, searching  and exploring to discover ourselves, when at the end, and only at the end of our lives we will declare ourselves found.

Find and you shall seek.

Found and we will meet.

Only at the end, of the bend of never ending.


My version of a short story on the theme ‘Found’.

Did you like it?

Anita xx

6 thoughts on “Go find yourself.

  1. I loved this post too! It’s a feeling I’m sure every human on earth goes through at least once. I love teaching abroad for that reason– it allows me to start over, find grounding in a brand new life. Hopefully one day though, I won’t have this urge to ‘find’ myself– I’ll be happy exactly where I am with whatever it is I’m doing.

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