A Drink Disaster.

A very glamorous view of drinking. Looks nice right? Drinking can be like this but it can also be a disaster... as you will discover from my experience the other night!
A very glamorous view of drinking. Looks nice right? Drinking can be like this but it can also be a disaster… as you will discover from my experience the other night! Image by chrishartsfield.com

Recently I have been starting to challenge my reasons for giving up drinking. It was only intended to be a break, and a chance to see what life can be like without alcohol. I can report it is good, better at times, but sometimes socially isolating. I am starting to wonder what am I trying to prove?
It’s been just over 8 months now, and my goal is one year. Last week was the first time in all this time where I started to have doubts about my decision. And then I went out to a pub… and my doubts were very quickly stamped out because the grossest thing happened to me.
I was out with friends for a rare night out, it was good to be amongst a crowd, and sipping on my water with lime doesn’t feel weird at all anymore. I know right? Who am I? Lol. So I wandered off to the toilet, as 4 pints of water will eventually have that effect. As I was standing in the queue minding my own business, this young girl comes in all dressed up, and literally power projectile spews as she is walking through the bathroom door! It was the grossest thing I have seen in ages! Chunks of vomit everywhere, all over the floor, and the worst thing? Some of her stomach contents had flown boldly onto the back of my jacket!!

GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I really couldn’t even believe what had just happened. She uttered a meek “I am so sorry”, before cleaning herself up at the sink. I put on my Mum/Teacher/responsible no drinking voice… “You need to go home immediately.” Crazy right? Who does that? A drunk skinny girl who hadn’t eaten all day then drank way too much then had a light snack then vomited all said contents onto strangers and bathroom floors of public bars, that’s who.
So as I was wiping chunks of some random girls spew from my previously lovely jacket, all ideas of returning to drinking were very quickly squashed. I mean I wasn’t projectile vomiting onto random people every weekend or anything like that, but it amazes me how gross drinking can really be, when you over do yourself. So sticking to my extreme regime of elimination, I realise that steering clear of drinking for another few months can only be good for me.
Anita x

6 thoughts on “A Drink Disaster.

  1. Woohoo! I can be your non-drinking buddy forever! 😉 I don’t drink and some people think it’s sad but I think it’s great! You get used to the socially-isolating thing. I find if you have a drink (non alcoholic) in your hand, nobody really cares what’s in it and they don’t question as much. And because I have been sober all my life (literally), I have witnessed so many things that most don’t remember!

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  2. Good for you! I don’t drink anymore either (because of some medication I have to take) and in the years of not drinking I’ve seen some of the most horrible scenes involving drunken people – from violence to sickness to removing underwear in the street. I think it must affect people’s judgement. It’s odd though – I didn’t notice this when I was still enjoying the occasional pint.

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  3. It is so funny right?? I also enjoyed drinking, and didn’t go too crazy… and now I dont drink I am thinking, hey I dont even need it!? But… its still a fun thing to do… lol. We will see what the future brings, but for now I am enjoying life without out it. Thanks for commenting! x

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