Enjoying the Journey: South Hampton to Belgium 

Time keeps on ticking... into the future!
Time keeps on ticking… into the future! Waiting at St Pancras Station London.
My anxiety was abated by the number of super friendly people I met along my five part train journey travelling from South Hampton to Antwerp Brussels. I chatted to a number of different people on my first train from South Hampton, and even gained a few new followers on Instagram. If you are interested in checking out more of my photos please do @Ozolins813. As I came into London, three times gentlemen lifted my bag for me either off or on trains or up stairwells, chivalry is not dead in London it seems! I will be back!
In St Pancras station I chatted away quite happily to an older Irish man sitting next to me in the waiting lounge before we boarded the train for Brussels. He was not short of a word or two, and once I got started chatting, that was it, we were on a roll. What I love about travelling, are the random encounters with strangers that can change your life. Now without being over dramatic, John did not actually change my life so to speak, but he did tell me a very powerful story, which might change your life?
He told me his Father willed his own death. He was convinced he was going to die at 74. Regardless of his excellent health, he had it stuck in his mind this would be his end point as his sister, brother and Father had all died at this exact age. As 74 rolled through; John’s Father admitted to his son,
“I should have done more exercise and been more positive”.
As his age ticked over to 75, he died not long after. John fully believes that he willed his own death, he was convinced his life would end at a certain period time, and it became true. His negative thinking and obsession with dying at a certain age, turned into a self fulfilling prophecy.
The point of my story is your mind is very powerful. It can make or break you. It is very important to be positive in our lives and make the very most of the precious life that we have.
Next to me on my train to Brussels was a man called Vincent. He was Italian, living in Brussels, and working in the Airport Cargo industry. He was happily married and had been with his partner for over 25 years. We enjoyed continual banter all the way to Brussels, it was great! I love to hear peoples stories! He told me in his work, they transported everything and anything, from horses to sharks, to heavy tonne building materials to pandas, I found all this very interesting. Imagine transporting a shark? Apparently one did die in transportation, killed by stress. I take it flying is a pretty extreme sport for a shark.
He enjoyed free travel in his trade and had travelled extensively all over the world, mostly with his wife too. They had no children, and had no intention of having them either. Sometimes meeting people with this perspective is very refreshing. As I also have no children, it is good to meet other people who agree that having children is not everything in life. Life can be grand solo, or in pairs, living the life of Riley, doing as we please. Pros and cons right?
My day of train travel flew by; and I had really enjoyed the journey and all the different conversations. It was time for one more train connection; Vincent helped me to my final platform for the day and it was time to say farewell. We shook hands goodbye with a firm grip and connected eyes, genuinely the trip had been great.
It is always a pleasure to meet a kind stranger when travelling. As we pulled into Antwerp Berchem station my friend Sylvie waited for me on the platform. I was very excited to see her!
Until next time!
Anita xx
More on my adventures in Belgium next post…

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Journey: South Hampton to Belgium 

  1. Haha this made me smile. Thought at first you were travelling in the States by the way you wrote Southhampton…..South Hampton, but then realsied that you were in fact travelling in Britain. Nice to hear that you think chivalry is alive and well. I once had a chap come after me in Glasgow, because he had given me the wrong directions. Once he’d realised his mistake, he came after me to re-direct me. Britain sure is a great place to live. Look forward to hearing how you got along on the Continent, Namaste Joy

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