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I decided recently that I would like to interview other authors to learn from them. I have come across a few people recently who have caught my attention. I also aspire to write a book, and I love other creative people. Here are some responses from an interview with Kate Evans, who recently published a book called Call it Wonder.

What inspired you to write a book?

I felt I had great story to tell. I mean, what’s not engaging about chucking it all to live on the road, having a brain tumor, talking to dead people, and loving both men and women?

What are your passions in life?

Reading, writing, traveling, dancing, spending time in nature, swimming, animals, music, connecting to the human heart. I’ve always been voraciously intrigued by the variety of ways people do this living thing. That’s what draws me to stories.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d sing Bob Marley to me: “Don’t worry about a thing. Cuz every little thing’s gonna be alright.” I’d want to teach my younger self how easy it can be to change your life by changing your thinking. I’d say, appreciate your body. It works marvelously. Love yourself. You are the boss of yourself. Every day, every moment, you get to decide how you are going to experience what’s before you. Look out through your eyes at all that is around you; you can always help in small ways. Small things make a difference.

What are three things you want to do more of?

Laugh. Help others. Dance and hula hoop.

3 places you want to visit around the globe and why?

Paris. I’m kind of stunned I’ve never been there! But I’ve read so much about it, and seen so many movies and pictures, that it feels like I will know it the minute I step off the plane.

Venice. My well-traveled husband has never been there either. He said he wanted to save it, to go to such a romantic place with the right person. So I’m sure when we go together, it’ll be magic.

New Zealand. For the natural beauty.

Any tips for your fellow writers?

Write what you really want to write. There are no rules. Before you start writing each day, sit before your computer with your eyes closed and let your spirit give you a pep talk. Mine is something like, “You are doing this because you love it, because it’s fun, because it’s meaningful to you. Enjoy the adventure!”

Have people you trust read your drafts when they are as ready as they can be. I’m an editor and writing coach, but still I have others read my drafts; we all need someone else’s eyes on our pieces to give us fresh feedback. Also, read it aloud to yourself and/or others to feel the rhythms of the language. That said, you get to decide what to do with whatever advice you receive. Set it aside for a while, then go back and pull the weeds so the gems pop. Don’t worry about publishing. There are so many ways to make it happen these days. We no longer are beholden to the publishing/agent gate-keepers. Small presses, indie publishers, and self publishing are great ways to go. Hey, Walt Whitman and Virginia Woolf self-published–so if you go that route, you’re in good company.

What are you really proud of doing in the last year?

Getting this book out into the world. Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, healing, and travel is my fifth book and my most meaningful to me. I took all of my life experience, and writing experience, and poured it out onto the page. I think it’s a book that will touch other people–even help them feel a little more free. Perhaps it’s my small contribution. I hope so.

Call It Wonder: an odyssey of love, sex, spirit, and travel.

Here is the front cover of Kate's book, I love the calming beach scene.
Here is the front cover of Kate’s book, I love the calming beach scene.

Dr. Kate Evans

Writer and Writing Coach

Please take a look at her Blog and her Website.

Thanks to Kate for answering all my questions! I am super keen to read her book now, it sounds really interesting! I love to read, and devour libraries and bookstores whenever I can. As I travel through the UK I have seen so many awesome books. I love the inspiration and fresh ideas and perspective you can get from a good book. I hope you too will be inspired to buy her book and live your life as best as you can, by ‘Living your Truth’. 

Love Anita xx

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