Death Revealing Revelations

Stairway to heaven? Or maybe just to Cottesloe Beach.

Now that I have seen and experienced so much death around me, my awareness of how best to live my life has become crystal clear. I am now seeing through the bullshit in life and intend to reveal to you my revelations since death came knocking in my life.

I realise now what my priorities are, I realise that I shouldn’t waste time on things that don’t matter; the real joy is found in life when you are doing what you love, doing what is fun and enjoyable, it really is this simple.

Here are a list of revelations I have had since I have lost my family and my inner circle to Cancer:

1. You need to do the things that make you happy. Seeing your loved ones die around you makes the truth of reality really obvious; we will all die. We all have only a certain amount of time on this planet, it is time to focus on doing things, working jobs, having partners, following your passions that make you happy.

2. Surround yourself with positive uplifting and motivated people. You become who you surround yourself with. It is really important to choose your friends wisely, and make sure they are people who inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to be the best person you could possible be. You don’t need friends that drag you down, discourage you or laugh at your dreams, it’s time to move on and find good people to spend your valuable time with.

3. We are all obsessed with our possessions. People let their things hold them back from living the life they want. We only need so much stuff! It’s time to de-clutter, and free yourself from the burden of possession obsession.

A friend of mine the other day was determined to find some great storage boxes to store stuff in. My response was:

“Why don’t you just get rid of your stuff so you don’t have to store it!?”

Her shocked aghast despairing response;

“I bought all of it for a reason and I am keeping it”.

Needless to say I believe her stuff is holding her back. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, right?

From time to time I go through my things and have a throw out, make bags for the Salvation Army and try and de-clutter as much as I can. It always makes me realise I have way too much stuff which I don’t need. I always feel lighter and better for clearing out my space too, why don’t you give it a go?

4. Follow your passions. When I was in the depth of my despair, I was completely paralysed by my grief. Nothing would motivate me, and I was drinking heavily to try and take a break from my incessant mind chatter of heavy dark thoughts. When I decided to stop drinking and start facing my reality I started to do the things that brought me joy, essentially to try and cheer myself up. And it worked. I became obsessed with photography (healthy addiction), and started to write my blog. I also started to exercise more and returned to my healthy eating routines. Following your passions and doing what makes you feel awesome is so great, and can make you feel really alive. Many people tell me lately:

“Wow you have so much energy, you are so vibrant! What’s your secret?”

Purple shells at my local beach.

My secret is to do what makes you happy and pursue your passions. It is that simple.


5. Your health is very important. If we don’t have good health we don’t have anything. All the money in the world, a house full of beautiful things and a hot husband and cute kids won’t fix your dwindling or poor health. You really need to focus on living as healthy as possible with good nutrition, positive lifestyle choices, and aim to reduce your stress and problematic issues in your life. Aiming for excellent health really makes you feel awesome and will give you all the great energy you need to live your life better and follow your dreams and passions.

6. It is up to you to make positive changes in your life. No one else can fix your life for you, you really need to take charge and decide what is best for you. It really helps to write down your priorities and goals, and then start working out how you will go about accomplishing your dreams. Taking time to write down what you want and making a plan to make it all happen is worth the time and effort.

Good luck with making your dreams a reality. I feel that we live the majority of our lives to please other people, and don’t realise how quickly our time on this planet can pass. I hope that my insights can inspire and motivate you to start living your best life to be the best person you can be.

Love Anita xx

“To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist.” ~ Oscar Wilde.





2 thoughts on “Death Revealing Revelations

  1. Thanks Monet! It really is simple to make changes, us humans make it hard and give ourselves so many hurdles and excuses! Always room for improvement! Thanks for commenting! X


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