November novelties!

WOW November already. This year has really flown by for me. I know the rest of the world has really suffered with Covid and lockdowns and never ending restrictions, but for me this year has been one of my best yet. Amid the many challenges the beginning of the year brought, I soon found my stride when I moved to the Pilbara back in May. I remember feeling from the start of the year this one would feel very unpredictable, and that is to say the least right! I think I am up to Plan K. Although the rollercoaster has thrown me around a bit over recent times, I find myself quite happily enjoying the ride right now. And isn’t it great to relish in the those good times!!? As we know, this too shall pass. The good and the bad times, life goes in cycles and swings and roundabouts, so just make the most of every good moment that happens day to day. It can all get a bit weird sometimes though right? I think that is a hell yes from every human on the planet right now. 

I woke at 350am this morning. Boom. I am naturally a morning person but that is next level quite ridiculous. I messaged with some overseas friends for a bit, always reliable for a random chat, thank you to my overseas peeps! My overactive mind thanks you! And it is also great to keep in touch with people. The world is a much smaller place these days. Damn I miss travelling! Imagine how popular it will be once we can all hit the skies again? Let’s hope we can return to some incredible overseas adventures once again. 

Pilbara life has brought many sweet little packages of experiences this year. I love exploring and touring around, and Broome has proved to be one of my most favourite getaways. We went there recently, and enjoyed the likes of Matso’s brewery for a long lunch and oodles of Mango beer, and also Zander’s cafe on Cable Beach. Swims in the pool and walks on the beach, the balmy hot weather is a simple way to induce relaxation.  Aquamarine water as far as the eye can see, and giant bulbous boabs gloating in glory on every street. I love it there. The town is quite lively as most sandgropers (west Aussies) can’t travel anywhere overseas, so Broome is the new Bali. Yes please!!

I have also fallen madly in love with a new man. I know, about bloody time. I just haven’t been that lucky in love in my adult life, somewhat preoccupied with travelling the world, living an awesome solo life and some other tragedies along the way… Anyway, he is a breath of fresh air, and has really put a spring back in my step. And I am wearing dresses and skirts and being all feminine again, so that’s all good. We have some plans to travel to NZ next year and take some great big walks and explore, I really look forward to the outdoor adventures and photographic opportunities. I am sure it will inspire some artworks along the way too. We are also hoping to travel to Darwin, and Adelaide and traverse the Gibb river road track all the way to Kununurra, swim in Lake Argyle and hopefully get to the Bungle bungles too. So much to see and explore and enjoy and it is so much more fun to enjoy all this with a great guy. I feel very lucky right now! Let’s keep the good times rolling!

I have been teaching Art and Photography this year, and it has been such a great experience. I love teaching in the arts and encouraging kids to be creative. It has been quite the learning curve so far too, but also really rewarding. I am feeling very connected to the kids, they are great genuine country kids, up for a chat, love the outdoors, and are pretty easy going. Most of them anyway! As for the curly ones, I keep doing my best to build rapport and keep them on track. It is quite the challenge at times!
The end of the year is looming fast now. I plan to return to Perth for Christmas and have a staycation along the northern beaches. Down south is madness with most accomodation booked out, so we decided to stay in Perth, enjoy a more empty city and do all the fun Perth things, of which there are many! I booked a trip to the Sunny coast Brisbane to visit my Uncle for January too, so that is something to look forward to. Then if the borders behave themselves and stay flexible down under, we will stick to the plan and travel to NZ, YAY! Life is really good when you have lots of exciting plans. 

A few weekends ago we travelled to Point samson for an enjoyable weekend away, exploring the surrounds and having some good relax time in the pool too. I have taken so many trips recently they are all feeling a bit blended! I will add some photos from my recent time here in the Pilbara.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you liked my little update! Feel free to say hello! 🙂 Anita xx

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