Pardoo Station Weekend Getaway


Hello! It has been ages since I have written my blog, I have obviously been TOO BUSY and neglecting my writing a little. However, I always write, I journal and I reflect and I goal set and I write write write. But this one is different, this one is special, and I love sharing my experiences and adventures with you my friends all over the globe. So sit back and relax and enjoy a few minutes of reading about my latest activities.
I was only meant to come to Port Hedland for 5 weeks, and then it turned into 10 weeks, and now I am staying until the end of the year! Amazing how plans can change so quickly in life. I like to think I am good at saying yes to new experiences, even if sometimes its a push out of my comfort zone. Often the rewards are very high and memorable. Every new experience offers something I say. And the Pilbara continues to offer me above and beyond all good expectations so far! Let’s hope it continues to excel and only get better. 
This weekend I decided I wanted to get out of town and have an over night in the bush. I rustled up my swag and drove only 160 km or so north to a small place called Pardoo Station. What a pearler of a place! Set back from the beach a tad, tall ghost gums fill the park, much to the pleasure of the squawking early rising cockatoos. I found this place to be really friendly, and I easily made a number of new friends. Around 5pm the campfire starts up and grey nomads come from their caravan burrows and perch around the ring of fire with their beers and wines, only a short stumble home! Everyone warmly chatted as we were treated to a special music performance, a lovely man on an accordion, literally pumping out the love ballads. It was really nice. Kids were roasting marshmallows, and the night rolled on easily. 
I then wandered over to make some dinner in the camp kitchen, a super technical meal of 2 minute noodles… my camping specialty! I sat with a lovely couple and their son from Karratha who were so nice and friendly and offered to share their meal with me, including a scrumptious freshly caught giant fish, what a treat! Certainly added some charm to my quite basic fodder. 
Early the next morning I went out for a long walk and took a few photos, and enjoyed the quiet serenity of the bush. You see so much more on foot. A few kangaroos bounced around, and I came across some lovely flowers and quiet broad landscapes. I then hit the pool for a swim, enjoying it all to myself for awhile. A great way to start the day.
I then went along with my new friends down to the beach for a look see, wow! What an amazing place. Azure blue on the far horizon as the tide was out well into the distance, white sand and wide open spaces. A really incredible place, and apparently very good for fishing. Perhaps the next time I go I will give that a go!
I had another dip in the pool before it was time to go home, as the temps had soared to 39 degrees by this point. Hot!! And then… my car wouldn’t start!!! Oh no! For the first time in 4 years with my car, a glitch! In the middle of nowhere! Beauty! I managed to get a jump start and legged it straight to a battery place in Hedland, but turns out my battery is a fancy one and they didn’t have it in stock. So that is slightly inconvenient! I will get it fixed as soon as I can. Perhaps it was listening to my wishes to get a new car! I am planning to upgrade to a 4WD as its crucial for this region to be able to go off-road. 
About 2 weeks ago I went up to Broome for a really great long weekend getaway which was just what I needed. I was feeling a bit rundown and needed some rest time, and it was great to spend some time with a friend and on the beach, the markets exploring another small country town. I have been there before but it is always a joy to explore. 
I am undecided about my next holiday break, it is either a road trip up to Kununurra or get back down to Perth. The weather is heating up now so it will be a pretty hot trip, but lots of fun nonetheless. I will be in Perth over Christmas and I have never been all the way up to the top of WA before so it would be quite the adventure. We will see how things go in the next few weeks. Just to make it clear, Kununurra is 1600km away from here, so just a small road trip! But I do like a long trip in the car. We will see!
Hope you like my photos and finally a bit of an update. Certainly not everything but it’s a good start to get back to writing again. 
A bush walk south of Hedland a few weeks ago.


Which photo do you like the best? I love exploring new landscapes and discovering new flowers and trees, I am like a flower hunter! 
Take care and all the best to you!
Anita xx

5 thoughts on “Pardoo Station Weekend Getaway

  1. Glad to hear that things well for you, Anita.

    I brought my diesel 4×4 Mitsubishi ute for around 4000 and spent two and a half grand making it mechanically sound.

    Have fun!

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