New year New Me.

I wrote this on the plane flying ‘home’ from Brisbane to Darwin. So much more to write about and will put down more words again soon. Enjoy!


I write this from 32’000 feet in the air, or however high this plane is; I am feeling the need to write and express and reflect and record all that was my summer holidays. It has been a hectic time of movement, fun, highs and lows and while I have the time to type my reflections, now seems like a good time. Now or never. I feel like this year ahead will be a year of GSD, getting shit done. Things are moving fast, you have to get in the fast lane, and pick up speed, shift up to the next level. I can feel myself pulling back onto the speeding traffic lane, ready to overtake, speed up and go for the win. It is all good to be in that fast lane, but this year will also be about recognising when to pull over and take some time to rest. It will be a daily goal to shift up then shift down into calm meditative phase to decompress, shake off the stress and reset. It is all coming, I can feel it! Can you feel it?

Overall I have had a wonderful summer break. I have been gifted by the generosity of my friends with time, homes and meals and had so many great experiences. For me I crave enriching experiences and quality exchanges with those I love more than anything. I don’t really want for things, more so engagement, connection, and understanding. I feel like I am saturate of stuff right now, I have looked in so many shops, read so many self help books, talked it out, and now its time to get down to business and make things happen. It is time to pull the brake on all that good stuff, too much alcohol, good food and relaxing days. Now its time to get disciplined, back to healthy good routines and back to exercising hard to get my body back in shape again. Oh yeah all that good stuff.

My holidays started in Perth and it was really good to go home and see all my Perth friends again. I ducked back to my own place briefly too and fell in love with my house and garden all over again. It is really rewarding to know I have my own place, my garden is thriving thanks to the reticulation system we installed before I left for Darwin, and all my plants seemed happy to see me. I know I am weird like that. I talk to my plants, and at first they seemed sad and despondent, clearly they missed me. I spent nearly 2 hours with them, trimming things back, pulling up weeds a general spruce up, everything looked neat and tidy again. I returned about 9 days later and everything had flowered and grown again in excess. It was amazing. Nothing was flowering when I was there before, they had all responded to me and said hello! I know, its weird, but that is how it felt. My garden continues to give back to me exponentially, and I continue to miss it while I am away. For me it is so nurturing to grow flowers and trees and herbs and whatever else I fancy. I know it will be there for me when I return. Whenever that will be!


I spent most days down at the sea, swimming and enjoying my old favourite spot Pete’s pool. I am a sucker for routine, and love this little alcove bay just north of Cottesloe main. I even made new friends there by going every day. Our good routines overlapping. I managed to squeeze in my daily art practise most days, and went on long walks. I visited many of my Perth friends and read as many books as I could. I am obsessed with reading and this year want to read more and more. I think it is one of my most favourite activities. No more TV for me, bring on the books!



I went down south to Walpole and Denmark in the south west, this was a real highlight for me. Enjoying this natural wonderland where the forest meets the sea, rejuvenated my soul. It also felt like the ideal place for me to start my hobby farm in time to come. I really put it out there that I was looking for just the right location for my country retreat home and I strongly feel this could be the right location. As for the timing I am not so sure, but the place feels good, and I will add it to my intentions for the future. I will need to work hard over the next few years to make it a reality to work and live down there, but at least I know WHERE now. And that is very helpful. It is all coming together slowly but surely. It is all about being patient right? And having a vision and a dream. Keep your dreams alive. It is free to dream and we can all access this wonderful part of our imagination, if only you give yourself the time and space to allow it.


After Perth I was in Adelaide for a week or so. It was good to return to a city I have been to many times over, but sadly it led to a family rift. What has come out of it is a good friendship with a new man, and clarity on a legal process that needed to happen by law. I have done no wrong, and sadly money seems to bring out the worst in people. But it also makes you realise how real your friendships really are. Ce la vi. I feel confident now knowing I have the law on my side and I have acted on my late Fathers wishes. My Dad would be proud of me and I know he has helped me through this difficult, challenging but extremely necessary stage of my life. Spirit really does work in mysterious ways and trust me when they want your attention they will make it very obvious!



After Adelaide I made my way to Brisbane where I stayed with a good friend of my Mums. We had a great time together and enjoyed lots of good conversation. I was feeling pretty burnt out at this point from my whirlwind of a holiday so far though. It was time to think about cutting my holiday short and getting back to some good routines sooner than expected. For my last stop I made my way up to the sunshine coast to stay with my lovely Uncle. Once I was over the trauma of my experience in Adelaide I managed to relax and unwind, enjoying some sun by the pool, reading, some art and walks around town. The first few days were so windy, making me more and more agitated, and then the sun came out and calm returned, I breathed a sigh of relief. Wind is a funny element, it really does make me feel edgy and annoyed, so it didn’t help my mood at the time. My last night ended with a dramatic storm, thunder and lightning claps all through the night, a crescendo of hard pelting drenching rain, clearing the energy and the air once again.


Now as I fly into Darwin I am ready for another new chapter in the book of adventurous living. Trust me I have had some wild ideas, and I intend to keep brewing them up, hoping one of them will stick and I will get some traction. I am the ideas girl! In the mean time I will work on developing my good routines once again, getting back to health and wellness, early nights and bubble baths. Oooh yeah.


Wishing you all the best for the year ahead. Get focussed, dream big and make it happen. It really is up to you to make your life as exciting as you want. You are the creator of your destiny so take charge and get cracking, and please, don’t be cunty. (One of my favourite lines from the movie ‘Gentlemen’, go see it!)



Anita xxx

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