Injuries are the worst! I have not been injured for a really long time. I look after my body, I am careful and I avoid high risk activities, protecting myself as much as possible. But recently, out of the blue, I hurt myself. Not just once but it seems I have accrued multiple injuries recently, perhaps the universe is telling me to slow it down a little bit?? Ha! I do operate at a fervent pace, I like to keep busy and find it hard to relax. Well sometimes you have to learn the hard way to just stay still and find peace and quiet.
I am obsessed with jamming as much into my life as possible!!
My first blunder happened on the netball court. I have been loving my return to the energetic game of Netball, but wow, those girls can be brutal! First quarter, game 3 of the season, my opponent rams her bony kneecap straight into my calf corking me instantly, not even apologising! How could she not realise she had made so much contact with me and clearly I was in pain? Vicious! I hobbled off and sat out the next quarter worried more damage had been made to my calf then just a bruise. After some stretching and massaging I was back on for second half in a less active position, but still, jumping running leaping were all required. Anyhow, that healed up okay the next few days but I felt like my body had received a shock.
Saturday morning I was up bright and early and ready for another pump class at the gym. I have been really getting into classes lately, which surprised me as I have not been into gym classes for about 15 years! I prefer to exercise outside, but turns out at the ripe age of 40 I now like being told how to exercise. Pumping tunes and being surrounded by fit bodies makes it all more motivating too, and the air con helps in the hot humid climate here in Darwin. I was half way through pumping and pushing and loving it, when ping pop, I feel a muscle in my lower back schnap. I stopped immediately, moved to the side of the room and burst into tears. NOOOOoooooo I can’t have hurt myself again!? Devastated, I left the class immediately and cried in pain all the way home. I was out for the rest of the weekend, groaning in pain over night and hobbling around during the day. I started to apply ice packs over the weekend too, and decided by Tuesday it was time to have a day of rest and really give myself a proper break. I had struggled through my work day Monday and knew I was over doing it. I hit up the physio Tuesday morning to learn, I had also given myself an ice burn! Applying ice packs directly to your skin is a bad idea. After some minor manipulation and investigation I did feel a bit better. Or perhaps it was the rest I gave myself for the rest of the day. An hour long bath, reading my book, luxuriating in epsom salts, radox and bubbles. Or the meditation and power napping? Rest really is the best thing you can do for your body and mind.
Sunset recently. This was the final part of it, I had to borrow a phone to capture it! Nature is incredible up here. 
I think being injured knocked me so much because it made me realise how independent I am. It rocked me because if some thing bad does happen to me, I have only me to deal with it. Sad face. Such is life! The point being I have to be more careful and not get injured because I need to be self reliant and deal. Reality check!! It is a sobering thought actually, and something that slips my mind frequently. It is only when you are in need do you realise the importance of family, support and having a partner who can be there for you when you really do need help. Unfortunately I just haven’t got to that stage of my life yet, so until then I need to keep looking for someone who can share my life with and help be mutually supportive, or continue to be more independent and self reliant.
This variety of frangipani are everywhere here. I love the rich green colour contrasting with the popping fresh white and yellow flower.
I managed a slow long walk yesterday eve after resting around the house for most of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors again and exercising again, even gingerly. I admired all the beautiful trees and blossoming flowers, crepe myrtles, frangipanis in pink, white and orange. Darting lizards so shy, they run and stop thinking I haven’t seen them. Grumpy dogs bark from behind high gates, eager to join me on a sunset stroll. I make it to the coastline, and enjoy the warm sun, still penetrating heat at 530pm. I walked for close to an hour and enjoyed every step. When you are injured and the thought that physical activity could be taken away from you, I freak out. I need to exercise, I need to move, I need to be active. It helps my mental heath and I want to feel good in my body, keep it slim and fit and healthy. I was happy my back was obeying and working again.
Today it is still sore, and stiff, an unusual impediment that I am not used to, and do not want to get used to either! Hopefully after some more treatment and light movement I will be 100% again soon. It is a lesson in looking after myself better, and looking after my back health better too. Everything feels so tight in my upper back, pulling my lower back muscle was some sort of pressure release from my spine. I will work on healing and loosening up my back and strengthening it so I am strong and mobile and flexible again. Having an injury makes you rethink your health in many ways. Fortunately it is not too serious and I will be better in a few weeks I hope.
Crepe myrtle grows in abundance here. I thought they were a bit precious, but turns out here in Darwin they are very hardy. Must be a more resilient variety. Impressive and beautiful. I just want to grow every type of tree up here!
I continue to really enjoy my time here in Darwin. I am surprised how much I love it here. I love the weather, balmy and hot, the rain offering clearing and refreshment. I have good friends and I am busy socially and physically. I am getting involved in community, I have lots of work and seem to be making lots of time for my hobbies like art, music and reading. I have officially given up TV and I don’t even watch movies online anymore. Nothing seems to interest me there. Sleep routines are good too, early to bed and early to rise, makes me naughty and wise. Or something like that!
Perhaps a repeat but an important message. How do you make time in your life to flourish?
Okay hope you are well too and have enjoyed my little update. Any questions? Happy to respond to you!
By the time I have posted this blog, I am 3 or 4 days into recovery from my injury, and I have good news to report! After a few physio sessions I am on the mend. Lots of rest, stretching, light swimming, light walks and I am feeling much better. I may not get back to pump just yet though! Ergonomically it is not that great on your body I think, but I still really like it, I just have to be more careful in the future with correct technique. It is a lesson in not over doing myself, which to be honest is a hard one for me to learn!
One more final thing! I am looking for another pen pal! Who wants to write letters with me?? I am a keen writer and love writing to friends all over the world, but I am so keen that I have more time and energy for one more keen writer who wants to share life stories and creative expression and whatever else you feel like sharing! Please let me know and get in touch via message and we can go from there! 🙂
Okay over and out!
Anita xx

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