End of October: Start of the wet season.

Darwin is only getting better and better. After a slightly rough start, and a quick job change, I have now found my groove in tropical paradise. I feel like I have grown so much. I realise upon reflection I have given myself time and space to grow and bloom…hence my latest artwork!

Giant bumptious stratus accumulus clouds roll into the morning sky daily now, quite the change from the constant clear blue skies we had when I first arrived. I love looking at their moving shapes and watching for changing colour hues of pinks and orange illuminating the morning sky. I rise early daily, between 5 and 6am, without an alarm, I have found a new rhythm, more in sync with nature. I spend as much time outside as I can, sitting outside on my front porch, watching the garden, the small birds twitter around and the occasional water skink dart across the lawn. Geckos gawk at me from their ceiling perch, waiting patiently for flies and insects, feasting away on mosquitoes. I even saw my first frog, smiling at me, bright apple green. The rain is coming, and it has been a long dry season, we are ready for the quenching drenching. It will be my first wet season, and I am not sure what to expect, but so far I am totally okay with the hot humid weather. Never feeling cold is a good feeling! No jumpers needed here! People say the wet season is really challenging, well the build up before the rain arrives is the hardest part. But honestly, I am not so fussy about weather, I like to think I am pretty resilient, and I like a change in environment. It is good for the soul to experience new things! One day again, I would like to live in a climate where there is snow! For now I look forward to massive storms, lightening, thunder, rain and big storm energy!
My social life has blown through the roof! It’s great! I was frequently staring into space listless and craving company and fun so much in Perth, and here in Darwin I feel satisfied so much more. Giving up TV has given me lots of extra free time and I have managed to fill it with creative art time, reading, baths, exercise and what ever else takes my fancy. I have made lots of new friends and spend my time doing lots of fun things, sometimes I have 2 activities per night. Tonight for example I am off to play netball with a great bunch of athletic women, and then to a comedy festival. Last night I went along to a dinner organised by the school I am working in. We all went out for this amazing Italian dinner, shared pizza and salad, all really fresh and tasty. Then we went to see an amazing show performed by Slide youth dance company called ‘Rhubarb’. I loved it! I felt so inspired and upbeat after the performance. I feel like there is lots to be a part of here. So many good opportunities to get involved in the arts. Dance, performance, music and the arts in general are all thriving up here, I love it for that reason.

What I like the most about living here, well one of the many things, is the feeling of being part of a community. For some reason I was not getting this feeling in Perth. Here everything is close by, and people want to do stuff! It seems everyone here is from some where else and wants to reach out and connect. Community feels are important to me. I tried pretty hard to achieve that in Perth, but all my efforts seemed to fall short. I felt like tumbleweeds would just blow thorough Dianella, isolating me, it was always too quiet, and I was always trying to push for connection, and although at times it would work, I found myself alone again all too much. Luckily I like my own company but there comes a time when you have had enough alone time. We are social creatures and need companionship and to feel part of something/someone more meaningful.

Romance remains flat here however! There are heaps of men here, but they all seem to be flying in and out of the place. I still have not found the right connection, but will continue to put myself out there. In the mean time I think it is all about getting on and enjoying your life as much as possible.
I feel a little overwhelmed by the future at this stage. I have a bad habit of thinking too far into the future. Today is great, and tomorrow is sorted, so really all is good! I am planning to return to live in Darwin again next year, for how long is undetermined. Perhaps until September then I can drive back to Perth at a decent time of the year, weather wise. But really that is pretty far in advance and anything can happen! We will see what the future brings!
Here are some surprising facts/interesting points about Darwin:
  1. Mango trees are everywhere. They literally fall on the ground and get eaten constantly by bats and geese and bin chicken birds (Ibis). I am yet to buy a tray from the guy around the corner, $10 for 10 mangoes. They are delicious, cheap and in abundance here, and yes I LOVE MANGOES. Currently it is the season for mango madness, so the radio tells me!
  2. Frangipani trees are everywhere and line the streets with amazing fragrant blooms of pink, red, white and orange. I love it, and they really stamp the tropical feels to the place!
  3. I saw my first cane toad at the outdoor movies the other night! We don’t have them in WA so that was kind of interesting for me to see these nasty pests.
  4. Soon it will start raining everyday. Sometimes it rains constantly for weeks at a time, and its impossible to dry out your clothes, things get mould on them, and all your indoor tiles remain slippery. So much to look forward to!
  5. I can get everywhere I want in Darwin within 15 minutes, its great. That’s how small it is!
  6. There is a bird here called a Plover, they are white with some yellow and black, they nest on the ground, which seems extremely risky to me!
  7. I have a very frisky possum in my roof that lets out a mating call every morning at 5am. Thanks for the rude awakening possum!
Overall life is going pretty well here in Darwin. I have also joined the gym recently and have been going to heaps of classes which has been really enjoyable. I love pump, and barre and yoga. I am hoping to get more into it over the coming weeks and start going in the evenings. Now that I don’t watch tv I have so much more free time. I am out most nights doing something or another, sport, or activity or being social. Love it!

I went out camping to Jabiru again with some friends recently. It was awesome! We also did a cruise on one of the rivers nearby which had the most amazing water lillies, lots of bird life and some crocodiles. It was a really fun experience and glad we all went along in a group. This could be the last camping trip for the season as soon it will be raining a lot and it is getting a bit too hot for camping now. Temperatures were up around 44/43 when we were there! Only the brave!

Hope you have been enjoying my art and writing. If you have any questions about Darwin let me know! I am glad all the stress and anxiety has lifted now, I am officially in cruise mode again, happy, content and finding a good balance of work and fun.
That’s all folks!
Anita xxx

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” ~ Jules Renard

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