Final countdown


November is here and once its November its practically the end of the year. Time just slides down the gurgler once the 11th month comes around. Weird but true. I like this time of year though. Summer is coming, things are heating up, its nearly my birthday, and you can almost smell the sweet salty humid air of summer holidays. Bring it on!
An amazing sunset yet again I was so impressed with the varying colours.
I have now been in Darwin for 4 months. Boom, that went fast. So much has happened, if you have been following my blog for awhile I have mostly kept you up to date with the Darwin adventures. Growth and expansion is happening in an unprecedented way right now, that’s what happens when you push out of your comfort zone and move to a new city to live. I highly recommend it! Nothing like changing everything in your life for a reinvention. It is the best medicine life can offer. 
Golden hues lighting up the sky through the trees.
I have so much zest for life right now that I can hardly sleep. I wake very early each morning ready and keen to explore another day. My senses remain heightened in a very positive way, I am constantly in admiration of all the beauty around me and I just love it. Swooping birds, flowering trees, darting geckos, there is so much to appreciate and absorb here in the tropics. The constant heat and humidity are like a calming blanket, always warming your heart and soul. I am surprised how much I love it. 
Recently I have joined a community based arts group called Tactile arts here in Darwin, and I am very excited to be part of their tribe. Basically it will give me the opportunity to exhibit frequently, be inspired by other artists and sell my art work. It will be good to have projects with themes to work towards and learn from others as much as I can. Nothing better than hanging out with other creatives to ignite inspiration!
I love these quirky jellyfish sculptures!


This weekend I went on a few big walks in nature with my camera. It was wonderful! So good to get my good camera out again and hyper focus on the beauty, and secondly just great to get fresh air and soak up all that nature offers so freely. The first walk was along the Casuarina nature reserve to Lee Point, there is a great mountain biking track out there, mangroves and big sandy beaches. Lots of greenery and black cockatoos abound. I loved it. The next walk I did was out to East point reserve at sunset too. We saw some magical glowing sky colours and more beautiful flowering trees. I was surprised to find a  yellow wisteria! I have included some of my photos here. 
Only a short time left in Darwin until the end of the year now, it is amazing how fast it has all gone. But not to worry, I get to come back again next year and do all the fun things all over again! Which I am already looking forward to believe it or not! 
Hope you have enjoyed reading from me yet again and enjoyed my photography! It has been really fun getting the camera out again and getting some good nature shots. Which one was your favourite?
All the best to you!
Anita xx

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