Part One Europe: Flying to Norway.

Here comes another series of blogs about my latest travels. Those who are frequent readers will know I like to post writings in chunks, and have previously written about my holidays, so here you go! Another exciting trip brought to you by Anita!

I left Perth late Monday night. Wet and cold I was happy to leave home, not just for the weather, but for a much needed mental break. Life had turned topsy turvey over the last month, and I was really looking forward to a new perspective, new experiences and a break from my thought patterns.

On my first flight to Dubai I am proud to say I managed to sleep through most of it, now that right there is successful travelling at it’s best! Pushing through sounds of screaming babies, muffled conversations, human shufflings, with ear plugs and blankey I was relatively comfortable.

Arriving in Dubai, I chatted to a few other travellers, casually starting a conversation with another Australian man, who heard I was flying onto Oslo. After a brief chat, he invited me to be a guest with him at the Emirates lounge, oh yes please! There I showered and was invited to eat and drink whatever I wanted, so cool! I even had a cheeky glass of bubbles! So that is how the other half live…or should I say top 5%…

With only 45 minutes before our next flight, we jammed in a continuous interesting conversation, I ate a strange assortment of hommus and smoked salmon, honestly I was overwhelmed by glorious food choices, and after a night of plane sleep I wasn’t making the best of my options, nor was I even that hungry!

On the final leg of my flights I sat next to my Helicopter pilot new best friend and we chewed the fat the whole way! He was super interesting and story after story we shared our life highlights. This is what I love most about travelling, the random fascinating encounters we come across. When we are living our normal day to day lives, incredibly interesting people like this man very rarely cross our paths. Naturally a most curious person, I thrive on these riveting interactions, they really feed my soul and make me feel so good.

On arrival into Oslo, I waved good bye to my new friend, probably never to see him again. I wheeled my small carry on case, in minimalist travelling style, through the streets of Oslo for an hour; before boarding the train on my final leg of the journey to Bergen.

I will finish just here… As I have a really interesting story to recall about an encounter I had on the train. For me it was so uplifting and emotional and proof that our loved ones are with us, no matter where we are in the world.

My garden back home that I will miss while I am away!

Get ready for an onslaught of blog articles!

Anita xx

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