Art, Flowers and Connection to the Spirit world.

It has been awhile. But every day I anticipate the joy of writing again…I love to write, I love to express my ideas, connect with my readers, and share the highs and lows of this crazy world we live in. I also love reading other peoples blogs, which I do frequently. I am very inspired by other creative people, gardeners, illustrators, photographers, and anyone pursuing their passion. Because what else is more important than doing what feels amazing?


I have been working full time lately, hence the reduced frequency of my updates. I have however been pretty active on Instagram, posting my artworks and pictures of my blooming colourful garden, publishing almost daily. If you missed them here are few:


Rather than watch silly TV, I turned it off one evening, and found inspiration from pink and orange roses with a few sprigs of lavender in a purple glass vase. I am really enjoying colour exploration right now and I can not move away from painting stripes. I find the methodical nature of every line, and the delicious repetitive pattern of bright exuberant colours soothing, calming and satisfying. I hope you do too!


The back ground is a placemat I have on the table in case you were wondering where the gorgeous blue patterns were coming from! This one was inspired from all the delicious fresh passion fruit I have been eating lately. I am lucky to have my own vine in my backyard and I have been savouring every single one of them. Their taste is fresh, tangy, sweet and their colours are bright orange, tangerines, yellows with contrasting purple and browns in the skin, a palette perfection! I find so much inspiration in nature and all around me really.

I continue to spend plenty of time in my garden, my haven. I have planted a beautiful garden and enjoy spending as much time as possible tinkering around, re-planting, weeding, say hello to my plants and talking to them. I genuinely miss them if I have not been outside to say hello everyday. I know that sounds wacky, but I am very connected to this space and it gives so much back to me too.

My Christmas cactus flowering for the first and only time this year. An explosion of fuchsia, and something I always look forward to!

I have been writing letters to my friends lately! I bought a new calligraphy pen recently and been practising perfecting my letters and good old fashioned handwriting. I am really enjoying the slow and methodical process of forming every letter, making it legible, neat and perfect. There is much satisfaction in this process! And hopefully my friends love receiving my hand written letters.

I even picked up a pen pal after my last blog post! Thank you to a lady in Wales! I wrote her a letter and posted it the next week. I also wrote to a few friends overseas, one in Belgium and one in Holland. I am on a roll!

Recently this month marked my Mums 4th year anniversary since her passing. As per usual I was emotional and feeling introspective at this time. I am pleased the heaviness of my grief has lifted, I am now motivated to move forward with my own life, making it as awesome as I can. I carry the spirit of my Mum and my Dad inside me, beside me they walk, and around me they are. I can feel them frequently. I talk to them and mostly they respond, with words of advice, affirmations of love, hearing them say my name is special to me. I know it is them because only they can pronounce my nickname just right, with the correct accented intonation, coming from my Fathers Latvian accent. They always feel joyful and elated to communicate, and pleased I can hear them, as much as I am to hear them.

The other night I was inspired to make a painting. I used a palette of colours which felt right to me at the time, but were most certainly not a colour range I would normally go for. I was feeling whimsical and just letting the inspiration flow forth. I was pleasantly surprised by something magical that happened the very next day. Out of nowhere, this little feather appeared on my dresser in full view. It had not been there before. I remember collecting it months ago and having it amongst my things but had not looked at it for months and had forgotten about it. It was amazingly the very same colours as the painting I made. Thoughts of my Mum were really strong at this time and I really felt it was her way of saying a big warm hello to me. She is around me and helping me I just know it. Love you Mum!


I just finished reading a great book recently about a psychic medium named Laura Lynne Jackson called “The Light Between Us”. It was well written and engaging, and a subject matter I really enjoy reading about. I have the ability to communicate with the dead too. It does not happen all the time and it is something somewhat uncontrollable, happening spontaneously, I will receive a message with a real urgency, that needs to be passed on to the right person. It is fascinating and something I would like to explore further, and get better at doing.

I am off to Europe soon! June 18 I fly out to Norway, then Belgium, Croatia, and Italy! I am really looking forward to getting away for a bit of adventure. It replenishes my soul to push out of comfort zone and explore this big wide world, I just love it. And I really look forward to seeing my good friends along the way. I can’t wait to see all those magical mountains, lakes, nature and flowers!

Hope you are doing well, and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Please say hi in the comments below!

Enjoy your weekend!

Anita xx


2 thoughts on “Art, Flowers and Connection to the Spirit world.

  1. Wow, I like your writing! And indeed I do find your art very soothing and aesthetically pleasing. This is the first blog post from you I’ve read, and I can’t wait to read more. I also get very inspired by nature. (Also, thank you for the follow!) / julia x

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