Part 6: Week 2 at school.

Part 6: Week 2 at School.


I just got out of the shower, drenching my hair in nit formula, I let the warm water run over my tired body, soothing my aching muscles. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Teaching is a demanding sport. Emotionally, physically, all of the ally’s; it wrenches every last ounce from you on a day to day basis. 
I rose early this morning, as per usual, at 5am. I seem to wake very early here. Which is fine by me, I like time in the morning to be productive. My mind is sharp and alert from my continued abstinence from alcohol, I am now living in a dry community. My break from booze has been extended for one more month. I made it through the last month no problems, and must say did break for only one night for a party we hosted at my place. We were celebrating life, my housemates birthday, Estonia’s 100 years of independence, and saying farewell to my close friends before I departed to the bush. I enjoyed the few beverages I allowed myself, but honestly don’t miss it now that I don’t have it. Which is good. 
Aboriginal Artwork by Sally Clark.
This morning anxiety washed over me, like dirty drain water, clouding me, making me jittery, and shakey. I felt like crying, I needed a hug, I was feeling really needy. I have been talking of my parents again too much, and it saddens me, and brings all that buried grief and isolation back to the surface again. I like to keep it buried down deep, and trudge forth like a good optimistic soldier. I was trained by the best. However I could not abate this sense of dread inside me. Maybe I was vibing off the environment because it turned into a tumultuous morning. I managed to complete two paintings before work; of an apple and a banana. Never before have I appreciated fresh fruit as much as I do now. There is  a huge shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables here right now, because the supply truck can not travel past a flooded road. Incredible! Anyhow, it is all part of the experience, and I am making do with frozen food and tins. I have to get even more creative with my meal prep! 
So this morning turned into a bit of a disaster at school. There was a huge community disturbance, opposite the school.  Men were fighting, with weapons, children were running everywhere, packs of dogs barked in equal rage, it was all quite alarming. The worse part is I hear this is a weekly occurrence !  Apparently someone had brought alcohol to the community and a couple of men were drunk, and then cars were smashed, blah blah, violent things. It unsettled the children for the morning that’s for sure. I was left alone with a class of little ones, only 4 of them fortunately, but it felt like 30 of them. They can be defiant little buggers that is for sure, and being the new teacher here, they were testing me.  Anyhow, it was awful, and the thought of throwing in the towel did cross my mind. Then I thought, NO, these small children will not get the better of me. Once I had settled them into a new more calming activity they were fine. 
In the afternoon, I had another group of students, also little ones, and this one boy was so tired he just wanted to sit on my lap and fall asleep. Ohhhh. It actually made me clucky. Sometimes this maternal instinct rises up from the very depth of my soul and takes me by surprise. But quite honestly, I just want to nurture them, clean them up, wash them, and love them. They are beautiful children. 
I have been so inspired by all the landscapes and colours out here I have been doing so much painting. It is calming me down and making me feel good. I am plastering it all over my walls and it is certainly cheering up this bland interior.
Time is ticking by at an adequate fast pace, as I keep myself busy with sports such as tennis, swimming, aqua aerobics, and bike riding. I have also been reading and writing and painting heaps; so for all this spare time and creative energy I am very grateful. 
I hope you are enjoying my stories. Please comment so I know who is reading! 
Voila! Anit xx

3 thoughts on “Part 6: Week 2 at school.

  1. You definitely knew I would read this !

    As usual, love reading you even if this article was a bit scary compared to the other ones, especially when you tell this story about the guys fighting with weapons ! Well… Guess it’s part of the experience, as long as you’re safe !

    Loved the paintings, as I said last time, I feel you’re getting better at it ! You will become a pro very soon !

    Can’t wait to read the next steps of your trip !

    Voilà !!!

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