I have neglected my little blog of late, I have been too busy having a fabulous summer holiday! And that is what life is all about right!?

Nearly 6 weeks of my holidays has passed now, and really there has not been a dull moment. I have been über social, and spending loads of time outdoors, and at least 3 weeks of my time has been spent road tripping. YAS! Sounds like a great summer break so far right? Trust me, it gets better.


Christmas seems like so long ago now, and just like most years, I do not go for the big hoo hah of it all. Since my parents both passed away, I like to keep the tradition of going to the beach in the mornings, eating simple but healthy food, having a drink, and mostly sharing the day in good company. For me it is not about presents and STUFF, it is more about quality time with people who care. And that is exactly the kind of day I had!

My house mate and I ventured south to Dunsborough for a week of hilarity, and we certainly gained more than what we bargained for. Never knowing what would happen next, each day was filled with laughter, fun, beach swims, and unpredictable crazy antics. One magical highlight for me was skinny dipping under a full canopy of stars with a gorgeous man, swimming in a sea full of bright green lit luminescence! It was incredible! Like an Avatar moment! Only better, because it was real! Skinny dipping really is so much fun, so simple, and it really does just feel so great. When was the last time you tried it?

Beautiful Dunsborough. Here we walked from the Lighthouse to Sugarloaf Rock. A magic walk.

The down south area is so lush and green and full of fun options. We went to many wineries, sampling tasty wines, took lots of scenic walks, and many swims in different beaches. It was super hot down there, so I mostly huddled under the shade of my umbrella, and tried to stay out of the direct scorching rays. I am still a nice shade of black however! Thanks to my European heritage, I always darken up over summer, to a disgustingly enviable shade. Most people think it is fake! Ha! Keep them guessing eh?

After so much fun over the Xmas break in Dunsborough, we decided after a brief break in Perth to return to Dunsborough again for New Years Eve. We didn’t really have any other plans, and we had made so many lovely new friends down there we were keen to reunite. So that is what we did! The party and frivolity continued again!


Before we knew it 2017 was done. Done and dusted. 2018, a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to start all over again. Set those goals, have good intentions, a clean slate and a fresh new perspective. Always we feel so optimistic at the start of the year, I always wonder what the new year will bring. Mostly life is fairly unpredictable, but so far I must admit I have had a great start to the year. It has only been positive, from one fun activity to another. High high high, boom boom boom. Now, with massive glands and a killer sore throat I am fighting off some awful death plague, and hoping it wont blow out. Smashing lemon and honey drinks and trying to stay positive and calm, please don’t get sick, I will my body to keep up the good work. And be fit to actually return to work next week!!! We will see…

An image of a painting I did recently with friends. Nice and bright and colourful!

I am feeling that 2018 will be a good year. It feels good so far. A lot of the shit has lifted now, the energy feels light and possible. I am in a much better place in my heart, body, mind and spirit, more positive and hopeful for good things to continue to happen. I am generally always pretty optimistic I will admit, honestly you are silly not to be. Nothing good can come from a bad attitude! I have been re-reading the Secret lately and reminding myself of the power of positive thoughts and intentions. I am a pretty good manifester, and continue to be amazed by the power of our thoughts. What you put out there you get back! It is so true. Be careful what you wish for!

A beautiful fresh Dahlia from a garden I saw in Albany. I love the symmetry of these flowers, and their bright poppy colours. 

I am really hoping to go travelling this year. I was so gung-ho about hooking off overseas last year and it just did not happen. Life got in the way, I was swept away with being very responsible about being a first home owner. Now I have that under my belt a bit more I know I can spread my wings a little and enjoy myself again. We do need to reward ourselves and spend our money on experiences, and on things that will bring us joy. I know that travelling always makes me feel good so I will keep on with it!

I have a review coming up on some new Bosistos products again which will be great. I love their range, and I am obsessed with good smells so I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

A photo of my garden. Looking so green and lush right now, considering it is super hot in Perth right now, I am surprised how green it all still is. I love my little garden! And I am slightly obsessed with red and green plants together :).

As I sit in my garden enjoying my plants and trees, and the wind and the setting sun, I feel good to be alive. It will be one year since I moved into my first home, and I am very proud of my little house. I love my garden and spend so much time out here, and I have grown very attached to my whole place actually. I do intend to stay here longer than I first expected now. I re-tiled the kitchen recently which looks fab, and next will re-tile the laundry and toilet. Replacing the bathroom vanity is my next big project and then I will be done. Simply then I can enjoy the fruits of my labour and relish the goodness of being in my own home. Maybe I can even get a cat! I keep bloody talking about it, I have been a bit useless about committing to that idea. One day!

Okay, boom 1000 words just poured out of me like that! Good to share with you, it has been awhile! Big warm hello to all my regular readers and newbies! Thanks for reading my latest, and feel free to browse through some past content, of which there is lots…lol!

Happy 2018 to you! May it be your best year yet. I encourage you to push out of your comfort zone and have some super fun experiences. What are some things you have always wanted to do? NOW is the time to do it. Well this year anyhow! 🙂

Yours in crazy,

Anit xx



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