The year that was 2017.

Wow. I have had the most amazing year. At this time of year, I like to reflect on all the amazing things I have done, to remember, to reflect, to reminisce and re-enjoy all those fluffy feel good loving moments all over again. Ideally it will motivate me to make next year even more awesome, and also aim to inspire you my lovely reader to reflect on your own life and think ‘How can we make it even better?’

Art by Hulya Ozdemir.

Life is a series of moments, good, bad and in between. Although this year has been at times tumultuous I prefer to reflect on the positive highlights, for which there are many. At the end of last year I discovered this way of listing the best things of the year project, and it really resonated with me. I like making lists, and it is good to take time to reflect and remember. Frankly I have a terrible memory, but I am working on making it better. This process also helps to retrieve those neural pathways again and relive those thrilling moments all over again.

Another amazing art work by Hulya Ozdemir.

Okay, here we go. The best parts of the year that was 2017:

  1. Hosting my gorgeous friend Helen from Estonia. We had lots of fun times together, road trips, dinner parties, beach trips and movies.
  2. Moving into my new house!
  3. Painting, gardening and knocking out shite patios to make a gorgeous outdoor space in which to entertain, relax and enjoy.
  4. Taking loads of fun camping trips with girlfriends.
  5. Going to Albany, exploring Frenchman’s peninsula and hiking up Bluff Knoll and exploring the beauty of the south west.
  6. Travelling to Broome and exploring the surrounds, including a fast boat trip and flight around the Horizontal Falls.
  7. Being more creative and painting lots of colourful pictures.
  8. Planting and gardening and creating a paradise in my own backyard.
  9. Hosting so many amazing people from all around the world such as Belgium Estonia, Sydney, Reunion Island, Germany. I thoroughly enjoyed all my house guests and look forward to welcoming more lovely people into my home in the future.
  10. Working fairly consistently at my local high school, earning good money and saving, and managing to pay my mortgage; proving to myself that I am capable of being a homeowner.
  11. Swimming at the beach frequently. The beach gives me so much good energy and I was so happy to make Mettams Pool my new favourite beach spot. I sit happily under my umbrella, resting, reading, swimming, sky gazing, reflecting and listening to the waves crash on the shore. I love the calming aqua and emerald hues of the ocean.
  12. Skinny dipping under the stars with a gorgeous man. Discovering bright green white luminescent lights in the water, under a canopy of bright stars on a clear warm evening. A truly magical experience.
  13. Having some really nice dinner parties around my big table. I love to feed people and enjoy good company.
  14. Playing loads of fun board games with friends.
  15. Feeling more feminine again, wearing dresses, growing my hair out and even becoming a blonde again!
  16. I went on more dates and met some lovely men this year. Still have not met Mr Right, but certainly meeting Mr Right now has been fun.
  17. Getting more into Yoga and having an awesome routine of practising yoga at the beach with friends, listening to the birds, then swimming in the sea afterwards and having a yummy breakfast. That was a great routine!
  18. Going to outdoor movies, watching films under the stars, with a picnic, friends on  warm balmy evenings is one of my fave activities.
  19. Letting my grief go, feeling like I am capable of living the best life I can solo, with out my loving beautiful parents by my side physically. They remain in my heart and I know they are around me every day, just in a different way.
  20. Enjoying an incredible Christmas with my fab housemate Kadi-Ann, down at YHA Dunsborough, exploring wineries, beaches, scenic spots and having the most fun we have had all year!
  21. Feeling inspired to live a big grand exciting life, not feeling pressured to do what everyone else is doing but instead run my race, walk my own step, and try to live as  big and fun a life as possible. This is the best way I can honour my parents and honour life itself.

We are all here for only a certain unknown period of time; and as sad as that sounds, it is not my intention. Let the uncertainly be a motivating force! We are all heading to the same place my friends, it is the journey along the way that will make it heaven or hell, right here right now. The choice is yours.


I hope this has inspired you to reflect on your year and come up with your best moments! It took me a while to write these down. Even though I had so many wonderful experiences it is hard to remember them all. I try to make every day great, doing something every day that will make it a good day. Whether it is time in nature, reading a good book, calling a friend, or having a scrumptious meal, it is these moments in time that matter, right now. Right now I am enjoying a delicious liquorice tea, burning candles and incense and typing away in silence, feeling a cool breeze waft through the front door. Life is good. LG.


Love Anit xx




4 thoughts on “The year that was 2017.

  1. Thanks for this inspirational post. I also use this time of year to reflect. I do something similar to your list here. On new years day, I do a journal post where I jot down as much as I can remember of the previous year. It helps me to appreciate what I’ve accomplished, realize areas that I need to improve, n motivate me for the upcoming year.
    I’m glad you shared this post and appreciate your blog which is a beautiful and inspiring place. All the best in the new year!

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