Incorrigible in Corrigin!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get away for a few days. I love road trip weekends and this one was extra special. The plan was to go and visit my good Estonian friends in their new country pub job in Corrigin; and to enjoy the scenery all along the way!

We split Perth mid morning and drove straight down the Tonkin Hwy. Cutting through some blissful semi rural properties on the outskirts of Perth we were soon on the right highway, a direct shot gun drive for the dusty quiet wheatbelt town of Corrigin.


We wanted to stop at least 59 times to take THE epic shot of spectacular sunflower yellow canola fields. I am a city girl (okay… TOMboy on the outside) and a country girl on the inside. I love getting out to the bush and being in nature, enjoying the serenity and quiet and the outdoors. I even love being bare foot, and walking on nice soft grass, mostly, but I digress…

After much spectacular scenery we made it to our destination. We were in for a treat this weekend as the Corrigin Agricultural Show coincidentally was on the same day, lucky us! We made our way there straight away.


These dogs were so quiet, they were watching the sheep being loaded back onto the trucks at the end of the day. All they wanted to do was round them up one last time! Such smart dogs! Although tired from chasing those sheep around all day.

The Ag Show was great. I love events like this, and coming from the city, the annual Royal show is as close as I get to an Ag show, and even then I don’t go every year. There was a petting zoo, with chickens, a Llama, even a mini pig. There were sheep dog trials which was fabulous. Such smart dogs herding up the sheep and keeping them all in line. Except the last dog, one sheep literally jumped over the fence…that was a DQ (Disqualified)! There were art displays, quilting, wool grading, machinery, products for sale, rides, sausages, ice cream, music, it was all happening. So much fun. I even took my shoes off, and walked around on the soft grass barefoot. Loved it. What a bogan! Dare I add no one else had their shoes off! I had new shoes and they were killing me, even a giant blister to prove it.

After the show we headed back to the pub, for a mini relax in our room before the night time festivities commenced. We had a pub meal, Caesar salad, delicious, although not really a traditional counter meal! Then we played pool, some darts, listened to music, had a few drinks and a good chat. I was knackered by 9.30pm after spending all day in the sun, all that driving and fresh country air. I pushed on for another hour then it was my bed time.


First thing in the morning I took a walk around town and across the railway tracks on a mini nature walk. The mist was thick, the air was crisp, and the birds were tweeting. Not a soul was in sight, and it was just me, my thoughts and the crunch of twigs and leaves and gravel, and ofcourse my camera. So peaceful being out in the country! Check out the giant spider web in the picture above (yikes!). The second picture here is a close up of some lichen, captured using an alternative art program in my camera. I love this effect!


Once we had everyone up and ready we headed out for a mini tour to a place called Gorge Rock. Only 10 minutes out of Corrigin, it was well worth a look, a lovely big giant rock, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, complete with water hole. We hiked up to the top for breath taking views over the countryside. Emerald greens, pops of yellow, as far as the eye could see, we all felt like relaxing there for hours, however we were time poor. My friend had a job to get back to! We soon headed back to town, I dropped my friend off and we were on our way back to Perth again.

One of the many gorgeous wildflowers I photographed.

We decided to come home a different way and instead headed North for a string of small towns. First we stopped at the Dog cemetery and drove along the 4km Wildflower drive which was beautiful. WA is blessed with such a range of flora, we got out the car 84 times and took as many photos!

Soon we were on the road and enjoying the changing scenery once again. More trees lined the road, and the horizon continued to change dramatically from flat to hilly, to green to yellow, just beautiful. I felt so inspired by my road trip I am planning to paint some watercolours this week. I will be sure to share them with you once I do.

I love mice, and this little guy, stood still long enough for me to take his photo!

We stopped in a number of small towns and hunted down the antique stores. It was so much fun! Between my friend and I we both found some really good treasures.

Our last stop was York, and again we wandered in and out of some lovely stores buying a few bits and pieces along the way. My best purchase was a botanical illustration book, that I love. It came from the Windsor Castle in England and shows some beautiful illustrations. I also found an amazing blue ceramic bird bath to go in my garden. I LOVE it! I look forward to seeing birds enjoying themselves in my backyard.

I am obsessed with botanical illustrations. Here are a few to inspire you. Works by Helen Fitzgerald and Heidi Willis.

I just find them so beautiful!

So overall I had an amazing weekend. I feel very inspired and enlightened by my weekend away. It reminds me that we have so much beauty only a few hours away from Perth, and it is all very accessible. Next weekend I am off to Bunbury to photograph a Wellness retreat called ‘Wellgevity’, so I am very much looking forward to this experience!

Have a great week!

Anita xx



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