Wellness Retreat in Dunsborough.

The one day Wellness retreat was presented by these three lovely ladies, Daniella Princi, Annwen Candy and Bec Dewar at the beautiful Bunker Bay Pullmans Resort in Dunsborough.

Recently I was invited to attend Move-Nourish-Reconnect; where a trio of talented women led us on a one day event, focusing on empowerment, embracing our femininity, practising pilates and learning about gut health and fermented foods. Nourished is how I would overall describe my feelings after an invigorating and inspiring day spent with amazing women.

A beautiful piece of art at the Pullman resort, reflecting back into the main cafe. A beautiful place to host a function.

Nestled in the remote and lush Bunker Bay Pullmans Resort in Dunsborough, we were treated to an array of activities and treats. This day was really for women needing a break, needing to be understood by other women and allowing time to relax, enjoy and learn. I felt honoured to be part of the group; learning, leaning, sharing, embracing and connecting as women so naturally can do.


We started the morning with a Pilates class, and wow was it great! My body was sore for the next few days. But a good sore! We used the bubbly balls to release tight muscles in our feet and around our bodies, and the resistance bands too, which I really enjoyed. I also liked the way we practised some more dance oriented moves, reminding me of my passion for dance.


Next up we had some delicious morning tea. All natural and healthy, and very well presented! We all enjoyed a break in the sunshine and a chance to chat and get to know each other.


Next up we had a talk by Daniella Princi, a ‘Wellness Conscious Psychologist’. She talked about a range of topics, mostly around embracing our feminine strength, and finding empowerment from our challenges. She reminded us that ‘Where our attention goes, our energy flows’, and to be proud of our scars. Also to learn from our previous challenges and use them as stepping stones. I found her talk to be inspiring and motivating. It triggered a few tears in the group, and some personal reveals.  It made me realise that what we we think we want in life, is not necessarily going to make us happy.

There appeared to me to be some unhappy women in the room, discontent with their lives, and disconnected from their real sense of purpose. What do we really want? This is a hard question to answer sometimes. And sadly, many felt they had very limited options and not much chance of freedom, spare time or opportunity to pursue their passions and interests. Simply taking time out for ourselves is so important, it appeared many of the busy Mums in the group had forgotten how to prioritise themselves. To have their needs met, to have time out, and to do anything other than be a Mum, was just not happening. I was one of the few women in the room who were not married and without children. Often this can make me feel a little inadequate, but at this point in time, I must say I felt happy and relieved and really valued all the free leisure time I have available to myself. Lucky me!


After a sumptuous lunch outside on the deck, we enjoyed our third presentation for the day by health guru Annwen Candy. Annwen is all about health and wellness and good gut health. She showed us very simply how to make our own coconut yoghurt, and we also sampled some tasty treats, using bone broth, miso, and gelatine. It was interesting to learn about new ways to improve our gut health, and fun to try new foods.


To finish the day we had one more yoga session. I was pretty tired after all our activities and enjoyed some stretching and relaxing. The light was dimmed and candles were lit. Encouraged to breathe and rest, we stretched and curled and extended and rested. I often have an emotional release when I practise yoga, and it happened again. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I am so strong on the outside but really I am all soft and pudgy on the inside. It was good to have a little cry, it really does make you feel better.


Over all the day was amazing. I walked away from the one day retreat feeling inspired, invigorated and truly nourished. I made some new friends and gained a new perspective. I felt more grateful for my life, for my independence and my freedom. Look out for the next day or weekend trip organised by these very talented women.

Thanks again to Annwen, Bec and Daniella for such a wonderful day!

Anita xx



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