Are you in the mood for Teal?

Here is another exploration of colour, texture and mood enhancement, this time focusing on the brilliant colour of teal. I love bright colours and flowers and all things teal. In this post I will explore teal and accent colours, purely for the sheer joy of it. I hope you enjoy!

I had so much fun finding these images, teals and blues soothe my soul. The northern lights create a continued sense of awe for me, I have been lucky enough to have seen them once in my life already. However, I vow to live somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere sometime in my life where I can see them more easily, and more frequently.

I have always been drawn to turquoise jewellery, and was in fact gifted with my last piece, from a travelling friend who lived in South America. I am wearing it as I type.

Colour is always around us, however we choose to perceive its wonder in our everyday life. I personally love to have as much colour around me as possible, I hope this little injection of teal has brought joy to your day.

Anita xxx

What is your favourite colour and why?

9 thoughts on “Are you in the mood for Teal?

  1. Yes! I’m always in the mood for teal. It’s my favorite color, actually. I love colors that remind me of the sea, so that means teal and blueish green. I find them soothing. And I also like them in jewelry too.

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